Sunday, October 30, 2011


Any Nora fans out there? Raise your hands. Mine is waving madly. Why do I ask? I got a notice from Amazon that she had a new book out. The prices:
Kindle 9.99
Paperback 9.60
I know we've talked about this before but I just don't get it. Doesn't this seem a little skewed to be selling the paper version cheaper than the e? As I'm sure you remember, when e first came on the scene, the mantra from every e publisher was--let's all say it together--'you can get an e book much cheaper than a paper book'. But that was e publishers, not the large publishing industries moving into the e trade.
I believe after everything settles, the prices will level out. Right now they fluctuate from publisher to publisher like daily gas prices. One of the reasons I believe prices will settle is that Amazon and Smashwords are leveling the playing field. Plus indie publishers are selling their books at a more reasonable price.
Any Eisler fans out there? I met him at RT a few years ago. Okay, I got my book signed. Meeting might be a slight exaggeration. Barry is a former CIA operative who now writes thrillers. He turned down a book deal with St. Martin's and opted to go with Amazon. He'll be out in both e and paper. The article I read said it took St. Martin's four months to send him a draft of the contract, whereas Amazon got him a contract immediately. Smart Amazon. It also quoted him as saying if there was a way to get his books to the readers that cost less and were delivered better and faster that's what he wanted.
'The times they are a changing'. I trust the publishing houses change with them.
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  1. The publishing industry are greedy little bastards. It costs so little to make an e-book yet they screw readers over on prices. But then - it's also up to the readers to boycott those publishers isn't it?

  2. No doubt about it, the reader has the final say.