Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween E Giveaway and VBT

I have a VBT at Downtown YA today. P. J. Sharon is blogging on her new release Waning Moon a dsytopian YA. If you're a dystopian reader and in the vicinity drop by and say 'hey'.

And at Night Writers we're having a Halloween E Book Giveaway. One randomly drawn entry will win a download of:
Sally's Answer by Jewel Adams
Crewkin by Rhobin Courtright (I've read this one. Very well written. I enjoyed it.)
Somewhere My Love by Beth Trissel
The Harvester by Lynn Crain
No Job For a Woman by Sherry Gloag
Vampire Island by Sandra Cox
It's easy to enter. All you've got do is stop by and put your name in the RaffleCopter.
Chrysrawr was a winner in the Whisper of a Witch contest. Congrats, Chrysrawr.
Upset, not paying attention, I turned and plowed right into the sexy stranger who'd been starting with so much interest at my necklace.
I hadn't even noticed his approach. Just goes to show how upset I was to have missed that.
I felt a leap of electricity when his arms circled me. Heat radiated through his thin silk shirt and trousers. My knees grew weak. I clutched at him. I started to rub against him and purr but caught myself in time. I choked back my rumbling.
"Are you alright? I didn't mean to run you down." His gaze bore into mine. I stared, mesmerized by those glittering amber eyes that so reminded of a cat's--a wild untamed cat.MINDER

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