Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Political Buzz Word: Pivot

Pivot: 'A whirling about on one foot.' Dictionary.com

The above definition is the one I think about when I hear the word pivot. Don't you?
Example: "At the sound of the gunshot, he pivoted, every sense alert."

Another definition by Wikipedia, 'The point of rotation in a lever system.'

I was fascinated to find out there is political definition for pivot. Being the savvy readers and writers you are, you probably already know about this, but it only came to my attention recently. For those of you who don't: pivoting in a political debate is a bit like a tap dance. And if its truly successful, the audience is unaware of it. Its avoiding an uncomfortable topic by  smoothly redirecting the conversation to an unrelated strength of the speaker.

Example: When Bush debated Kerry in 2004 he was asked about job loss, Bush pivoted to education and his No Child Left Behind Act.

Seriously, don't ya love words?  


  1. Ha! Yes, you see a lot of pivoting in debates--sometimes so they can get their canned one-liners in. LOL

  2. Yeah. Thanks for stopping by, ladies. Appreciate ya.