Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Feral Cat and Boss's Day

Today is Feral Cat Day.  A feral is a cat that has gone wild or is born to a cat that has gone wild. Many of these cats start out as domesticated kitties that have been abandoned by their caregivers and must fend for themselves. Unaltered, they multiple and their offspring multiples.  If controlled, these cats can live out their lives in a colony without continuing the feral cycle. I'm a big believer in spay, neuter, release. It's much more humane than the gas chamber. I bet you are too.

Are you a Jackson Galaxy fan? Have you ever watched My Cat From Hell? Jackson is great. Here's a short clip Jackson has done in support of TNR for Alley Cat Allies.


To all the wonderful bosses out there...have a perfect day. And to those not so wonderful...remember who makes you look good.


  1. I don't know, CJ, it may not be such a good deal for the feral. But I do like the thought process:)

  2. Catch and release is the way to be for each feral kitty.

  3. the cats from that show always scare the crap out of me :) The title itself is hilarious :)

  4. I get so angry at people who abandon their pets. Don't get a pet in the first place, and if you do, have it spayed or neutered!!!

  5. Dez, I can certainly see why. Though, sometimes its like he sticks his arm out just waiting to get clawed.

  6. I'm right there with you, Julia. To some people animals are a disposable commodity.Extremely frustrating.