Thursday, October 27, 2016

Wink and A Nod Thursday

This week's Wink and a Nod recipient is Stephanie Faris.
Stephanie is a successful children's author and a freelance writer.  She is one of the few who has managed to support herself through her easy feat. Her blog is one of my favorites.  It's always interesting and the posts are professional.
Stephanie believes in supporting other authors. Once a month she posts her Best Books of the Month, featuring and reviewing other writers.
In keeping with the season, this month she's featuring spooky stories.  If you haven't visited Stephanie before, I suggest you hurry over and get your socks scared off.


  1. I just love the idea of getting my socks scared off my feet! Have a happy day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Aww, thank you, Sandra! This made my day!!!

  3. Yay Stephanie! I love poking my nose into her blog every now and again. :)