Monday, April 22, 2013

Dog People VS Cat People and Oblivion Trailer

The weekend flew as weekend's tend to do. Had every intention of seeing Oblivion but didn't make it. Did you see it and if so what's your take on it?

In her excitement to see me, the hound stepped on my bare toe. OMG, it felt like an elephant with claws had stepped on it. The encounter, typical for the hound, left me with this hypothesis. 

First of all let me start by making a disclaimer to all the  cat people out there that have all kinds of patience. I'm sure there are some. Unfortunately, I'm just not one of them:)

I believe patience is what separates the dog people from the cat people. Its only a hypothesis of course. But here are my findings:

Dog people are calm. Well maybe not always, but it helps when dealing with canines.
When a dog gets on something he's not supposed to, the dog person says in a calm but firm voice, "Down."

Cat People, not so much. If the dog gets on something he's not supposed, the response is: "Get your ass down."

Dog person tells a dog, "Sit." Repeats in a calm voice,   "Sit."

Cat person tells a dog, "Sit." Dog ignores cat person. "Damn it, sit!"

Dog person tells dog to stay. "Stay." Holds up hand to indicate stay. "Stay,"He/she reiterates dragging out the word.

Cat person tells dog to stay. Dog ignores cat person.  This time cat person responds with a blasphemy in front of the stay. And also makes a hand gesture but its not the one to stay.

Dog person says "Quiet," in voice of authority to stop dog barking.

Cat person says, "Don't make me come out there."

I think dogs are wonderful, faithful creatures. I truly do. Cats are just all kinds of easier.


  1. Grin - I'm more of a dog person. I haven't seen Oblivion. I don't think it has started down here yet, although I've seen good reports online.

  2. Ha! My hubby had a cat growing up and has no patience for dogs--even though he likes them. LOL

  3. Shelley, you have my complete admiration. You probably have all kinds of patience.

  4. Jennifer, I'm with your hubby. Like 'em - no patience.

  5. Stacy, I know, I'm walking a thin line. grin.

  6. Interesting. Cats mumble, dogs bumble. At least I think that's how they perceive each other. My dog and cat are best friends, mostly because my cat is tolerant and puts up with all kinds of playful abuse.