Friday, April 29, 2016

A-Z: Your Cats

Jeanie's Lizzie
Diane's Spunky
CJ's Ink
EC's Jazz and Jewel
Pat's Orlin and Cassie
Mayor of Trout Towne's Boomer
Elizabeth's Bleubeard

Blue's Mongo and Pebbles
Lee's Remy
Elizabeth's Sophie, Sawyer and Kitty
Tamara's Dove
Vanessa's Romero and Avalon
Chrys's Milo and Otis

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A-Z: Van

The Turkish Van, or Van for short, is an old country cat that is still new to America. It has a thinner and smoother white coat than most cats and its tail and ears are colored. Its eyes are blue or amber or one of each.It enjoys swimming, is independent, vocal  and not much of a cuddler.
The Van is healthy but suffers from obesity.
This cat needs to be combed regularly. It's good with adults but not the best feline to have around young children.
If you are interested in adding this cat to your family, please try your local shelter, rescue, or

Monday, April 25, 2016

A-Z: Unusual-Looking Cats and Ukrainian Levkoy

Truly, there is no such thing as an ugly cat. But some are so unusual-looking they're down right cute.

M. Minderhoud @ Dutch wikipedia.


 Devon Rex
By Alorin@wikipedia


Saturday, April 23, 2016

A-Z: Turkish Angora

These beauties are known for their large tufted ears, their long fine-boned bodies and their good nature. They are healthy and can live to fifteen or twenty years of age. Though, their weight does need to be monitored. Like humans, if overweight, health issues can develop.  In spite of their longer coats, they don't need a lot of grooming.
To adopt a Turkish Angora try your local rescue, shelter, or

Friday, April 22, 2016

A-Z: Silver Chinchilla

The silver chinchilla is a division of the shaded Persian. One of the distinctive markings that make these cats such beauties is the black mascara outline around their eyes. They have doll faces instead of Peke faces. Doll faces have the head structure of the original Persians before the noses were shortened. The Chinchilla is lighter weight than most Persians. It can weigh as little as four pounds. The black tipping at the end of the hair shaft gives the Chinchilla's coat a shimmery quality. The ear tufts, tummy and chest are solid white. Their beautiful eyes are either green or blue-green. It is difficult to tell a chinchilla from a shaded. The shaded has deeper black tipping at the end of the hair shaft than the chinchilla. The chinchilla's tipping is an 1/8 of an inch and the shaded is a 1/3.  Personality? They've got it in spades. They're gentle but intelligent creatures and are considered to be one of the healthiest breeds of Persians.
Below is a pic of my sis modeling with one of the Fancy Feast Cats. Since the company she works for makes pet food, she gets to meet a lot of the celebs in the animal world. Isn't this ball of fluff gorgeous? I had to really study the picture. It looked so perfect, I thought it was a stuffed animal. The Fancy Feast Cats used in commercials that are made in the US, South Africa, Europe or Japan are silver chinchilla Persians. To adopt check your local shelter, rescue, or

 Shardai is a large, sleek cat with attitude. He has the courage of a tiger and the disdain of a king. The fearless feline has only one weakness...his guardian.  He would do anything, even come back from the afterlife, for her.

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Beth Kennedy may not know everything about Donovan, but she can’t deny what she feels for him. It’s her love for him that pushes her to do whatever she has to do to help him get justice, including putting herself in a criminal’s crosshairs.
When a tip reveals the killer's location, they travel to California

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A-Z: Ragdoll

The Ragdoll is named because it goes limp as a rag when it's held. This cat is big and calm and has blue eyes. Males can weigh up to thirty-five pounds. The only health problem of note is heart disease.  It's a great first time cat, friendly and easy to groom. Interested in adopting a Ragdoll? Try your local shelter or rescue or or

I have pre-posted but will be off line for the next few days.  Have a great weekend and hopefully I'll chat with you at your place Monday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A-Z: Queen
Females used for breeding in catteries are called queens. Queens should not be breed until they reach at least eighteen months of age. Giving birth is called queening.  Queens should have a thorough checkup before they are bred to make sure they are healthy. Estrus is when the queen is in heat. If the breeding is successful the kittens will be born approximately sixty-three days later.

Reasons to alter instead of breed:
Spaying decreases risk of mammary cancer.
Neutering reduces spraying and fighting.
Altering will prevent the euthanization of millions of cats.

Left unchecked two cats and their offspring can breed eighty million cats in a decade.
I'm visiting with J.Q Rose today.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A-Z: Pixie-Bob

Like the bobcat it resembles, the pixie-cat has a one to six inch shortened tail. It's a healthy, large cat with a double coat and polydactyl toes. This cat requires very little grooming but it does need it's claws trimmed regularly.  It has few health issues, tends to live a long life, is dog-like in its devotion and can even be walked on a leash.  If you are interested in adopting please visit your local shelter or rescue, or

Monday, April 18, 2016

A-Z: Ocicat

This domestic cat was bred to look like a wild cat. It has a spotted coat either blue, lavender, fawn, silver or cinnamon. The Ocicat is big-boned and strong with a long, sleek body.  It's a healthy cat but prone to gingivitis so it's owner needs to brush its teeth regularly.  The Ocicat needs minimal brushing.  It's social and will do best in a lively household. If this is the cat for you, please check your local shelter or rescue, or

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A-Z: Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian Forest Cat is the official cat of Norway.  It has a dense double coat that is weatherproofed and long tufts of fur between its toes to prevent frostbite.  Except for its head, which is an equilateral triangle, it resembles the Maine Coon. It has a tendency for kidney issues but otherwise is considered hearty. With its calm temperament this is another good cat for the first time cat owner. The Wegie sheds heavily in the spring and requires extra brushing. If you are looking to adopt a Wegie, please try your local rescue or shelter, or or

Friday, April 15, 2016

A-Z: Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is a large American cat from Maine. It has long whiskers which can be up to six inches in length. It can weigh from seventeen to twenty-five pounds and averages forty inches in length. It is second only to Persians in popularity.  This cat has oversized feet for walking in the snow. It's strong and healthy and has three layers to its coat.  Besides it's distinctive whiskers, Maine Coons usually have a very discernible M on their forehead. If interested in adopting, please check your local rescue, shelter, or

Faux Paw

This is a picture of Faux when she was younger. Take a look at those whiskers.  She has all the characteristics except the M on her forehead. She's a mix, but the genes lean heavily toward the Maine Coon side.

 Makita must use her second life to return to earth and take care of her pal, Bennie the Boxer. But finding Bennie is only the beginning. After they're reunited, Makita and Bennie stumble upon a dog fighting ring. Now the fearless feline must use her considerable cunning to breakout the hapless creatures that have been stolen to use as bait for the fighting dogs.

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Thursday, April 14, 2016

A-Z: LaPerm

Like many breeds the LaPerm came from a gene mutation. This mutation is called a Rex gene. These felines come in both long and short hair. The longhair has a curly tail and the short hair has a bottle-brush tail. Their heads are wedge-shaped and they have tufts of hair in their ears.
These cats are good with children and are also a good cat for first time cat owners. Since their gene pool is diversified they are less susceptible to disease. They only need to be brushed once or twice a week.  All in all, a healthy purebred.
Interested? Try your local shelter, rescue or or

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A-Z: Korat
The Korat is a rare and beautiful short hair that is one of the oldest breeds of cats. It is mentioned in Thailand's book of Cat Poems written between 1350 and 1767 A.D and its ancestors could be found in the jungles of the Malay Peninsula. They were and still are considered good luck.
The Korat cat belonged to the common people. New brides were given a pair of these beauties to insure a happy marriage.
This cat has a silver-blue coat with a silver edging. Its eyes are emerald, large and luminous. The ears are rounded, the face heart-shaped. It has a medium build. His/her coat is short, fine to the touch and lays close to the body. Korats are intelligent and social. Like dogs, they love to fetch.
This kitty is related to the Siamese but considerably less vocal. It is dog and child friendly, and adaptable. The Korat is prone to obesity and GM1 and GM2 gangliosidosis, a fatal genetic defect. Its average life span is between ten and fifteen years of age.
These cats are rare even in their homeland. If you decide you want one please check or your local rescue.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A-Z: Japanese Bobtail

By jonny-mt - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Like our domestic shorthair, Japanese Bobtails are considered domestics in Japan. Though, after America jumped on the bandwagon to consider them a breed, Japan followed.
In Japan, they are associated with good luck.
There isn't a record of their origins but the legend is that one cat slept too near the hearth and its tail caught on fire. It ran through the city and all the houses burned down. Angry, the emperor ordered that all cats' tails be bobbed so there would be no more fires in the city.
These cats were quite prevalent in Japan by the seventeenth century. They could be found in the streets and were used to protect the silkworms from rodents.
Bobtails come in nearly any color but the most popular are the tricolored, red, black and white. These are the kitties that are considered good luck. The Bobtails'  tails more resemble a bunny rabbit's than a lynx. The average length of the tail is four inches, but it appears shorter because it curls up.
These cats are medium in size with lean bodies. Their eyes are large and beautiful. They have a long nose, high cheekbones and a triangular head.
The Japanese Bobtail is intelligent, affectionate, gets along well with children and other animals.
They 'chirp' and like to ride on shoulders. The average weight is around seven pounds. It has little to no health issues and is easy to care for. The average age is fifteen-eighteen.
Japanese Bobtails' claim to fame: It's the inspiration for Hello Kitty.
This is another kitty that is prone to overeating and won't hesitate to beg for more food.
Even though these cats are rare in the states, if you think you might want one, please check out or your local rescue or shelter.

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