Friday, November 30, 2018

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Did you have a wondrous Thanksgiving?
We had a wonderful one with the DD and DSIL. They kindly did all the cooking. All I was responsible for was the fudge and Republican Cookies. Heh. (Laura Bush's Cowboy Cookies). DD made this pumpkin pie and it was delicious.

How do you like my new book model? Since he's family it's pro bono. Heh.

SO...I decided I wasn't going to get into the Black Friday frenzy, but I noticed that our local, favorite Southern department store was having a blow out sale. I changed my mind and cautiously ventured out. As you can imagine it was packed.
I was stunned by how friendly and courteous everyone was. Case in point: You know how frustrating it is trying to buy men's jeans at anytime. You can find the waist size but not the length or vice versa. I had two other customers that were looking for jeans too and asked what size I was looking for. The second person that asked was holding a pair of jeans and when I told her the size, handed them to me. I swear I clutched my heart.  It was a Happy Shopper moment.
What about you? Do you often run into courteous shoppers and if so where?

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


The Southern Christmas Show
Don't these pictures give you warm fuzzies? Put you in the holiday mood?
This was me going in:

This was me coming out:

We decided to go during the week to avoid the crowds. I hate crowds. To say I don't deal well with them is an understatement. Unfortunately, we picked Monday, forgetting many offices close to honor Veterans Day.   Apparently, everyone that didn't have to work decided to go to the Christmas Show.  Interspersed with the folks shuffling from booth to booth, area to area, were wheelchairs, strollers, and my fave, backpacks on wheels. Think rush hour traffic when the lanes aren't moving. The HH suggested sampling some of the wines to take the edge off but there were even lines for that. Heh. We made the circuit, grabbed lunch and boogied home.

Question for the day. 
Why aren't grapes sold by the half-pound or pound instead of overflowing plastic bags that you know at least half a dozen people have handled to pick out the ones they want? Or taste tested to make sure they are good.

AND...Enough grumbling. How about butterflies:)
How to help Monarchs:

More Monarchs.

I just checked the calendar and realized I missed a very important birthday. Belated congrats and well wishes, Lee.

Monday, November 12, 2018


I'm going to tentatively start blogging Tuesday-Friday instead of Monday-Friday and see how it goes on the Richter Scale of Productivity using Monday as my
I was at the eye doctor Thursday, (the 'Eyes Have It':) for some minor inhouse eye surgery. I was looking for a place to set and a woman motioned to a free seat beside her.  The woman across from us asked if we were sisters and said we looked alike. We both had short hair and the same body build, but from there....We got to chatting about rescue and, of course, cats. Heh. She had just had to put her twenty-one year old cat down. She mentioned that for the past couple of years, she (the cat) hadn't left the bedroom, so she kept the TV on and had doggy steps put up to the bed:)
We chatted for quite awhile then they called me back.  As I was leaving she said, "What is your first name?" I said, "Sandra. What is yours?"
She said, "Sandra."


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

IWSG Wednesday

The first Wednesday of every month is officially IWSG day. Members post about their doubts and fears, discuss struggles and triumphs, and offer words of encouragement to others who are struggling.

FYI: The IWSG monthly question can be found under the IWSG Sign-up tab.

November 7 optional question- How has your creativity evolved since you started writing?
Most of us have to put a lot of creativity into marketing and advertising today, probably more than we'd like. Heh. As far as the writing itself I believe as long as you are writing, you are both evolving and creating.  Write on:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Election Day, Paths and Mountains

Your Future Depends Upon It.
Like the state highways, my pathway has been under construction for several years with no end in sight.

We drove into the mountains Friday. As you can see it was rainy and very foggy.