Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Last week I asked if given the choice would you choose 'Not Very Smart' or Immoral.  It was pretty much a 50-50 split, maybe weighing a little heavier on immoral:) This week, I'm asking if you had a choice between Gullible and Immoral which would you choose? For me, this is a much harder choice and had me giving some thought to immoral. Why? Even if you aren't that smart, you can learn AND you can rely on your senses.  If your gullible you can still learn, but by then it's too late. And I'm afraid gullibility ignores the senses.  What's your thoughts? What would you choose? Gullible or Immoral?

This little cutie is the door greeter at the vet's.  She loves scratches and dog treats and wags her tail just like a puppy dog.
These were my Irises last year.
These are the same plants this year. Sigh.

I've heard of Irises cross pollenating but I've never had it happen before. Luckily some of my bronze's survived the takeover.  I've been busy moving the survivors to new locations.  At this point they aren't really thrilled about being uprooted during prime time, but I'm sure next year they'll feel differently:)

These were in my Easter Basket. I admit I was hesitant to put artificial flowers in my garden.
Until I saw their 'night blooms'.
They really light up (no pun intended:) the landscape after dark.

The Easter Bunny also brought me this lovely vase for those turncoat Irises.

AND...If you have any interest in reading the Mueller report, you can download it at Amazon for .99.

AND last but not least...

Monday, April 22, 2019


I'm posting a day early to catch Elizabeth's birthday. If you follow Elizabeth and Bleubeard you can temporarily find them here.

A bud and I were having a discussion that boiled down to: If you had a choice between being not very smart and immoral, which would you choose?
I chose Not Very Smart.
She chose Immoral
What would you choose? There're no other choices.

Garden Blooms

Beat Down After the Rain
This is the new kid in the garden. 
It has a nice fragrance. Sunny Knockout.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019


Thanks, Rye.

I gaze in awe.
My pulse speeds
My breath catches
My heart lightens...
Spring is here.
S. Cox


Tuesday, April 9, 2019


Chain of Command
Do you follow the chain of command? Our dog does. When it's time to go out, she comes to me. I in turn prod the HHo to take her out. Chain of command.😀


From the Garden.

The winter kale survived.

The tulips are thriving.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


I try to avoid politics on this blog. I don't want to push my view on anyone and vicey versey. Occasionally, though, I ignore my rule. This trailer struck my funny bone. If you're a 'youngin you may not remember the movie SHANE, so half the humor is lost right there.
(My brother Shane brought this trailer to my attention:)

For those of you who prefer dogs and ducks:

A view from the garden.
Hoppy April 2. Enjoy your day.

The Christmas Amaryllis-a Late Bloomer