Friday, January 21, 2022

This Weekend's Read: FOR THE SOUL


Book Blurb: Memories and fiction fill this collection with humor, heartwarming compassion, and spine-tingling fright from the author's own experiences and her imagination she can barely control. Quilts, children, and dogs have always played a large part in the author's life. Therefore, it is not surprising to find stories of warm quilts wrapped around her tales or tails. A trait the reader discovers in Barbara's writing is that much like life, nothing within the covers of this book will be what one expects.

About Barbara Daniels Dena:

Barbara Daniels Dena is a new independent author of her eclectic book debut of "For the Soul: A Collection of Short Stories," released in August 2021. Almost a memoir, this unique collection of inspiring short stories of 'good ole fashioned living,' along with many past and present memories and life experiences that tug on the heart, warming stories, and fictional tall tails delighting readers worldwide. The book is available for purchase on Amazon Books, Amazon Kindle, and many fine online book sites.

Barbara began writing at an early age as a lover of "Make-Believe." Today, her writing has developed from memories of family experiences, various compilations of events in her life, and her love of animals. She is willing to admit that her vivid imagination plays a role in her stories. The author is an Illinois native who has lived in many places; as Barb says, like a free-spirited "Gypsy," she has lived and worked in Illinois, Washington, Idaho, Georgia, but Ultimately, coming home settling back in the Quad Cities area of Illinois.

Barbara is a proud mother of two grown children. She was a business owner, ran a Temp Agency, then transitioned into her passion for floral design, opened, owned, and ran several floral shops. Her favorite flower is the "Casablanca Lily." Her favorite color is Red, and when she isn't writing, Barbara spends her free time oil painting, enjoys quilting, knitting, and reading.

Her favorite book is "Death Be Not Proud" by John J. Gunther. Her first love is and always will be playing with her fur baby, a little Yorkie named Zoe. She continues to write from her cozy nook as she gazes over a pond full of geese and ducks. On many days it is more gazing than writing.

My fav quirky food is a banana cut in half with creamy peanut butter spread in the middle of the two halves.  

 Many years ago, I had a business where I delivered balloons in costume. 

 I taught teenagers how to do a proper interview by dressing like a floozy. 



Buy Link: FOR the SOUL

 Barbara is offering the e-book for .99 cents through FEB 15th, 2022.


Thursday, January 20, 2022

Did You Know

 Did you know that over five-thousand wild horses, of Spanish decent, used to roam the coast of North Carolina? Now only two hundred and twenty remain. The Colonial Spanish Mustang  is the state horse.


Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Tuesday Stuff


I woke Sunday morning to find Izzy had made an uninvited visit, bringing with her snow, sleet, ice and rain. I knew we were in trouble when Frank wouldn't step a paw outside. You're probably thinking, "So? He's a cat."  He is, but weather doesn't phase him. It can be snowing or raining, and like the mailman, he'll still be outside making his rounds.  Here's Frank this time last year.


Needless, to say when he wasn't having any of it, it made me a tad bit nervous.


We missed a bullet and didn't suffer any power loss. 

Frank ventured out Monday.

 Earlier In the Week...

I received a package I had to sign for and I had to be twenty-one. What the? And it was heavy. Needless to say my curiosity was aroused. Had someone sent me garden rocks for my birthday?And if so, why did I have to be twenty-one to open a box of rocks? So I signed, took the package and opened it just enough to see the piece of paper sticking out. It had a Happy Birthday (Yes, I had a birthday between last Friday and today:) message from my daughter and  son-in-law and three items all called Zen something. Ah, garden statuary. My curiosity aroused, I decided I didn't really need to wait till my birthday to open it. 

No rocks. No statuary, but definitely welcome:) Thanks M and J:)

Since I can't offer you any leftover birthday cake, have a free download (if you are in the U.S. or the U.K.--I think). I would love it if the free downloads and countdowns were offered in Australia and Germany. Sigh. Hopefully one of these days.

Available at Amazon.



Here's the earworm I've had since last (Writerly) Wednesday:) I go dancing around the house like a crazy lady--or writer;)


Wishing you delicious cake, beautiful birds and flowers, and fun earworms to dance to:)

Friday, January 14, 2022

This Weekend's Read: SANGUISUGE Book Five


Excerpt -“Young Jacob, sometimes forgiveness is for the best.”

Jacob turned toward Donall. “And sometimes, Lord Valsamis, enemies are dressed as allies.”

Donall glanced curiously at Jacob.

I sighed.

Donall laughed. “Speaking of stories… Did your sister tell you of her appetite?”

I chuckled, realizing Donall was trying to lighten the mood.

Jacob glanced at me curiously. “No, I haven’t heard this story.”

“She can out-feed a fledgling.”

Jacob was wide-eyed as he turned his attention to me.

I blushed as I nodded.

“You most certainly are not feeding enough if this is true.”

I chuckled. “I have drained a few pitchers.”

Jacob left abruptly and then returned holding a tray of five pitchers. Donall burst out into laughter.

Mom brought my plate and studied Jacob. “A little hungry, Jacob?”

I giggled.

“I was just going to challenge Trinity.”

“Oh, uh honey, I’m not sure that is a good idea.”


“Finn told me how Ethan tried the same thing.”

“Lord Valsamis just told me.”

“He told you that Trinity drank most of the seven pitchers that were set before her?”

Jacob shook his head. His expression was one of defeat. He took a pitcher and set it down on the table in front of him and then set the tray in front of me. Donall and Mom laughed.



Blurb- A feud that reaches its boiling point. A war that seems inevitable! Lurking behind the scenes, malicious plots are progressing unbeknownst to everyone!  Will Trinity be able to go against fate to prevent a pointless bloodbath and protect the lives of her family?


Trinity is one of very few characters that can both drink blood and eat food. (Mostly meats.)

Fledgling vampires require the most blood to survive, but Trinity has consumed more than one!

Donall once drained an entire herd of cattle!


Buy link-





Sanguisuge Book 1

 Trinity is haunted by a dream. A dream that seems to hold the secret not only to who she is but to who she will become.

Sanguisuge Book 2

Dreams become reality. Secrets are brought to light. Trinity's life is changing. She questions who she is and what her purpose is. As her life changes, so do her dreams and her alliances. The only thing that seems sure is her bond with Ethan. But is this a bond that will do Trinity more harm than good?


Sanguisuge Book 3

Humans are being found drained of blood. As incriminating evidence mounts against Ethan's brother, can Ethan and Trinity prove his innocence, or will they find out he is responsible for the murders?

 Ethan is reunited with someone from his past that tests the bond between him and Trinity. Can their bond withstand the strain? What will happen to them if the distance becomes too great?


Sanguisuge Book 4

Clan law interferes in what should be a joyous time for Ethan and Trinity. Opinion differences make the family turn against one another as she tries desperately to hold them together. With time against them, they must make a major decision that could prove deadly.




Bio- Sharon is a multi-genre young adult author that dabbles in adult tales from time to time. As a defender of the defenseless, Sharon’s characters take on this persona with strong female leads and males that are protective, perfect, boyfriend material.