Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Writerly Wednesday AND Did You Know

 What's your word, synonym, example or sentence for:

Example: My uncle robbed a bank which made him a scofflaw.




Did you know, the term sideburns was originally burnsides and coined for General Ambrose Burnside who sported unusually bushy sideburns connected by his mustache?


For more information: Sideburns - Wikipedia





Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ketch-Up Day


Has anybody been having weird, or weirder than usual, goings on with their 'puter and software? Mine started out with Word.  You know how the cursor sometimes has a mind of it's own and is at the top of the page when you want it at the bottom?  I'm used to this and put it down to one of life's little vagaries. But the other day I noticed it was consistently landing a line ahead of where I'd place it.  To get it in the right spot I'd have to aim for the line below it.  Something I'd never experienced before. Luckily, it healed itself the next day. But what took it's place was even more bazaar. I couldn't open my attachments. Another first. And since I was working on edits this definitely was a conundrum. I called my computer support service and they told me several people were having this problem and it was a Yahoo issue. Say what? They were kind enough to give me a work around and also had me call Yahoo.  Yahoo said to switch back to Basic at least until the problem was solved. That worked. The following day I noticed I couldn't bring Yahoo emails up on my phone. I finally figured out that because I'd had to change my password to get into Yahoo so I could flip back to Basic I needed to change it on my phone too.  That at least made sense to me.  But the Word  and Yahoo attachment issues I found a bit disconcerting.  Especially back to back like they were. Has anyone else had strange happenings on their 'puter? At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I have wondered if someone or something is testing systems to see how to crash them. And if I sound totally out there, keep in mind, I'm a fiction writer:)

Addendum. I'm now having problems with gmail attachments.

 And now back to the normal day-to-day:

 The Eternal Garden

One Butterfly Bush. Two Birds' Nests:)


For Andrew


Ha! The birds beat me to the first two berries but I got this one;)



Sky shots from FL

Thanks, Shane and Sonya.


Friday, June 14, 2024

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Writerly Wednesday AND Did You Know


 What's your word, sentence, synonym or example for:


Example: The eyewinker in my eye is driving me crazy!


 Did you know, due to his love of animals, Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian?

For more information: History of Vegetarianism - Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) - da Vinci's vegetarianism (


The answer to yesterday's question, one cat or two?

Two. Maisy and Frank:)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Ketch-Up Day


How are you? Not much going on today. Just some quick pics and that's it. Have a great week.

Hydrangeas for Andrew



Do you see one cat or two?

That's all, buds.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

IWSG Wednesday AND Did You Know



The first Wednesday of every month is officially IWSG day. IWSG was formed by Ninja Captain Alex Cavanaugh. Members post about their doubts and fears, discuss struggles and triumphs, and offer words of encouragement to others who are struggling.

 Twitter handle: @TheIWSG  

Hashtag: #IWSG 


 The awesome co-hosts for the June 5 posting of the IWSG are Liza at Middle Passages, Shannon Lawrence, Melissa Maygrove, and Olga Godim!

Every month, we announce a question that members can answer in their IWSG post. These questions may prompt you to share advice, insight, a personal experience or story. Include your answer to the question in your IWSG post or let it inspire your post if you are struggling with something to say. 

Remember, the question is optional

June 5 question - In this constantly evolving industry, what kind of offering/service do you think the IWSG should consider offering to members?

I’m going to be really embarrassed if this is a service we offer that I’m not aware, but I think a crit group would be extremely helpful to all members.


May/June Reviews in no particular order.

* Disclaimer. If I run into an occasional typo, I ignore them and don't factor them into my review.


HOW TO MURDER A DUKE by Sherri Hollister

This is Book 2 in the YA Applegate Series.

I found the first book to be entertaining and the same held true for the second. It did a great job of holding my interest. I zipped through it. 

Winnie is once again having adventures and solving mysteries. This time in her grandfather’s ancestral home in England. Being a bit of a free spirit from living and working in the circus, she doesn’t fit into the stifling confines of a duke’s ancestral home. But that doesn’t stop her from trying to save the current duke who is very sick and may be dying, AND find out who is killing off the dukes of Applegate before it’s too late.

That the author has thoroughly researched the era, including the medicine and holistic remedies of the time add another layer to the richness of the story.

If you’re a historical, suspense YA fan or just want to escape for a few hours in a good tale, I can highly recommend this book.  Enjoy.

Available at  Amazon



Another fun romp.  It's always good to pick up a Joan Smith Regency if you are looking for a mood lightener.

Available at Amazon











FOURTH WING by Rebecca Yarros

All I can say is OMG. This book is 498 pages. I got it one day and finished it the next.  It’s a new adult fantasy about a young woman who has studied to be a scribe all her life but her militant mother has different plans for her and tosses her into the brutal academy of dragon riders.

This is definitely an addictive story and will have you reading way past bedtime. Highly recommended.

IRON FLAME by Rebecca Yarros

Violet and most of her friends have survived the first year, but worse is coming and to survive the enemy they will need to team up with the gyron riders. While all this is happening tension between Violet and Xaden mount as she discovers his secret. A secret that threatens their relationship.

Thanks to Jacquie Biggar for turning me on to this series.

Available at Amazon


THE CONTRACT: Between Heaven and Earth by John Howell and Gwen Plano

Two angels are sent back to earth in human form to prevent an international war.

This romantic thriller will keep you wondering what’s going to happen next as the two protagonists Brad and Sarah join forces to save the world. The two angels have had their memories wiped but can’t help feeling they’ve known each other in another life as attraction between them burn bright while they race to save their country and the world.

A fascinating tale for readers of thrillers and romance alike.

Available at Amazon



This is a sweet memoir journal for every mother and/or grandmother, with a spot to write down or draw those special once in a lifetime memories.  There’s a spot for all aspects of childhood from the early years to adolescents.  There’s even a spot for your reflections and to leave letters to your children and grands. A perfect gift for the mom in your life.

Available at Amazon






POETRY TREASURERS 4: IN TOUCH WITH NATURE ANTHOLOGY compiled and edited by Kaye Lynne Booth and Robbie Cheadle

This collection of poetry is indeed a treasure. It is a compilation of verse concentrating on nature in word and picture provided by a different writer each chapter month. For instance:  June guest D. L. Finn touches on the seasons in Spring Moment ‘perfect nature hiking’, in Silver Beams ‘full autumn moon’,  in Hope ‘under gloomy snow’, etc. 

April guest Marcia Meara mentions ‘The ink-blotted sky’ in Star Gazing. And in The Bridge Home September Guest Selma Martin talks about ‘a purple path-like a ribbon fallen from the sky.’

These are just a sampling. There’s much, much more to enjoy, especially by readers that love nature.

Available at Amazon



GIDEON’S SWORD by Preston and Child

These two magician/authors do it again.

It goes without saying this book is well written, but I am stunned by the way that up until the very end, every time the end goal is in sight for our protagonist, the authors throw another road block up. I was stunned at their audaciousness.  Near the end of the book, the last three times the hero has nearly reached his objective, the authors would pull another rabbit out of their collective hat and keep it dangling just out of reach.  *Spoiler alert Gideon does complete his mission, but what a ride getting there.

GIDEON’S CORPSE by Preston and Child

Gideon Crew is given ten days to save the world when he’s charged with tracking down a terrorist cell and a nuclear bomb.

This tale grabs the reader’s attention from the first paragraph and doesn’t let go till the end. Hold onto your hat because this story is a wild ride.

LOST ISLAND by Preston and Child

This is the third book in the Gidgeon Crew series. Each one just keeps getting more intriguing. The story-line will surprise.

Available at Amazon




Did you know, June 19th is National Writing Day?


For More information: National Writing Day 2024 | National Literacy Trust | National Literacy Trust