Thursday, September 29, 2022

Did You Know

Did you know, Robert De Niro's famous line 'You talkin' to me?' from Taxi Driver was improvised?


Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Ketch-Up Tuesday

 Greetings Blogger Buds,

How was your weekend and Monday?

Below are the last pictures of our visit to Washington D.C.

Here's the White House:


And the National Mall:

The Vietnam Memorial Wall:

This was very poignant for me. Growing up, I went to school, church and ran around with Danny Kick.Even square danced in his basement. I don't think he was much over twenty-one, if that, when he died.I'm so sorry Danny was on that wall and so relieved I didn't know anyone else.

Thank you, Danny, for your service and your many kindnesses.  Wishing you peace and happiness.

Our trip home was wall to wall cars most of the way.

AND that's the end of the D.C. trip. On totally different topics:

Has anyone ever seen one of these before or know what it is?

A cicada shed on our screen.


Silly Frank.

I leave you with roses.

AND last but not least:


Got flowers? Strange insects? Do anything fun over the weekend? Thanks so much for stopping by.

Friday, September 23, 2022



Druid’s Moon
By Deniz Bevan

Beauty to his Beast…

Lyne Vanlith, an archaeologist who seeks a logical explanation to any mystery, discovers an ancient Druidic curse on her first dig. When the signs foretold by the curse descend on her, Lyne can’t find a reasonable interpretation.

And that’s even before a Beast rescues her from a monstrous sea-creature. She drops a grateful kiss on the snout of the Beast, who transforms into a man, Frederick Cunnick, Baron of Lansladron. Lyne is meant to be Beauty to his Beast—and break the curse forever.

Now both spellkeeper and monster are targeting Lyne. She must take up her legendary role, to defeat the curse and save Frederick—and herself. Instead of logic, for the first time, Lyne must trust her heart.

Fantasy – Romance  / Paranormal  / Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends & Mythology
Print ISBN 9781939844866 / EBook ISBN 9781939844873


A firm believer in burning the candle at both ends, Deniz Bevan is generally writing a new novel while editing another and blogging about her reading and research adventures. Other days, she tries to stay off the web altogether, as she delves into the history, mystery, and romance of her characters’ lives.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Did You Know?

 Did you know, that many credit Shakespeare for telling the first knock-knock joke in Macbeth, Act Two, Scene Three, with his 'Knock-knock-knock, who's there?' line.



Writerly Wednesday

What's your word for:


Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Ketch-Up Tuesday

 Greetings Blogger Buds,

How was your weekend and Monday? Hope both were good.

This is the last of the pictures from the Museum of Natural History.

And for those interested in the Hope Diamond....

We've had an extremely dry summer then a couple of weeks ago it started, raining...and raining...and raining. And after all that rain it's dry as a bone again. The rain seemed to bring out the butterflies.

I don't know what the orange one is. Do you?

Can you see the water level in the pot?


This was from a twenty-four hour period minus about half an inch from the day before.

This is the one I didn't recognize.

What about you blogger buds, got rain? Butterflies? Been to any museums lately?


The indomitable teller of tales, memoir writer and honorary cousin, J. Q. Rose is helping me get the word out today on Geller's Find.  Thanks, Janet.