Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and Monday. We got buckets of rain, but luckily no flooding so far.

Mr. Nosy sporting his spring do.  The HH says he looks like a French kitty:)
I couldn't decide on Bleeping Idiots or How I Solved My Problem for my subheading. Feel free to choose whichever you favor.
We got a new toilet paper holder, the open-ended that you can just slide the roll on and off the holder without taking it apart. We have one in the master bath and it's soooo much easier to use. This one wasn't a cheap one. The blankety-blank-blank-blank factory cut the blankety-blank thing too short so whenever you use it the roll goes flying off. Engineering trying to save money?  After I semi got over my mad, I decided that I could fix the problem. A friend gave me a synthetic gemstone one year for Christmas that I never got around to making into a piece of jewelry so I glued it to the end.  It did the trick.
AND speaking of bronze holders...A friend of a friend cleans homes for the upper-crust in the area and was cleaning the bronze holders with a cleaner that caused the plating to flake right off. Yikes! Can you imagine? The moral of this story: better stick with soap and water if you are cleaning bronze holders.

AND I got a couple of new plants. Delphinium and...drumroll...a little lilac bush. I'm so excited. I've been bemoaning not having one for years. I ordered the bush from Brighter Blooms. What I liked about this site: it popped up messages about whether the plant I was looking at would do well or poorly in my zone.
And here's Miss Faux. She's eighteen, blind and deaf but still getting around.
Got critters? Got flowers?

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Did You Know

Did you know that navy bean soup is also called Senate Bean Soup because it's served every day in the Senate dining room?  It was first put on the menu in the early twentieth century.
We had bean soup, with ham and onions, and cornbread every week when I was growing up in the Midwest. Who knew we were eating the same food as the senators were being served. 

Thanks to Heather Holden , Alex Cavanaugh, and Tara Tyler for helping me get the word out.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Garden pics.

Remember this little guy?

Penny with her baby.
Got flowers? Critters?

Birth in Defiance of the Virus written by a dear family member who recently birthed a daughter and as you can gather from the poem named Juniper:)
FYI: There are several poems at this link. Hers is a little more than halfway down.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Did You Know

This factoid came from Diane Wolfe:) Thanks, Di.
Did you know, there was a lethal American flu pandemic going on during the time period the Woodstock Concert was held?