Friday, August 12, 2022

Your Weekend Read: ABOUT HER


The Blurb for About Her:

Shelley Ward doesn’t know what she wants out of life, but she knows being a broke, accidental home-wrecker isn’t it. Her whole life, she did what was easy. Her dad coached; she chose a career in football. A guy hit on her; she slept with him. The path of least resistance was leading to a cliff.


Broadway producer, Mark Salvan is a man who keeps his life under control—until he spots Shelley, his high school crush being dragged out of LaGuardia Airport by TSA. He rescues her from security, offers her a job, and gives her a place to stay. He’s certain their chance encounter will be her grand-third-act-closing and the start of their story. In Shelley’s heart, it feels like destiny—like someone finally sees her. But logic tells her this perfect man can’t be in love with her, that her true destiny will be that of a lonely spinster who’ll be lucky to have the affections of her cat.

Shelley can’t see it, but there’s something special about her, and Mark is determined to prove it.




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 Shelley is thrown off her flight and separated from her luggage. She’s stuck in NY with only her purse and her carry-on suitcase—which are both stuffed with Belgium chocolate bars instead of rational things like a toothbrush and spare clothes. 

In the story, the hero ties on an apron and makes the heroine cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 

Shelley is partial to bagels…or any food that’s easy and doesn’t have to be cooked. 

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Did You Know

 Did you know, bagpipes were originally used on the battlefield to scare off enemies?



Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Ketch-up Tuesday

 Greetings Blogger Bud,

As threatened promised:more rocks.

* I said last week this exhibit was at the Natural Science Museum. Apologies.  It's the Natural History Museum.

More to come. Did I just hear a collective groan?