Thursday, September 30, 2021

Did You Know

 Did you know that Jefferson had such an inquisitive mind about so many things he became known as a walking encyclopedia.


Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Writerly Wednesday

 What's your go-to word for family, Blogger Buds? Mine: Everything:)

There are many types of family. Some we are born into. Some we create ourselves.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

It's Tuesday

 Hey there, Blogger Buds, 

Do you believe it's nearly October? The HH surprised me with this. Purrfect. 

Halloween Kitty in the daytime. (The dog is on one side of the door and I'm on the other:)

And this is at night.

AND in the garden, Miss Molly is blooming right along as is the little hibiscus.


I was going to exercise but there was a cat on my lap;)

AND, a sweet vid about a little rescued fox.

Thanks, Rye.

Got Halloween decos out? Flowers? Cats? Foxes????

Friday, September 24, 2021

Friday's Great Read: LIFE IS LIKE A MOSAIC



“Use a picture. It’s worth a thousand words.” Arthur Brisbane 1911          

 An image offers an opportunity to see endless possibilities depending on the viewer’s perspective. Where some might see beauty and joy, others imagine sadness and loss of hope.

 In this collection, images and syllabic poetry are brought together to tell a story based on the author’s perspective. The poetry explores our human experiences such as love, happiness, hope, aging, friendship, new beginnings, dreams and loss.

 The world around us is an amazing playground and source of all our essential needs as well as sensory experiences that bring wonder into our lives. What lies beyond the horizon? What surprises will we discover as a garden bursts into bloom? Where do the night creatures live?

 At the end of the collection there are some longer poems celebrating memories of the author’s life of travel, teenage exploits and love of food!



In this latest collection of poetry, my intention was to share aspects of life and nature that we experience on a daily basis, but also can sometimes catch us by surprise.

As you turn each page you will find images and verses that combine to tell stories I hope will surprise and delight you.

At the end of the collection in a special section called Slices of life, I share memories of my childhood and teens and a little humour.

I am a still a student of the syllabic form of poetry and I hope you will enjoy my interpretations of this ancient form of storytelling.

Excerpt - As the book is all poetry I have selected one of the longer ones at the back of the book with a touch of humour.


The Leftovers


I opened the fridge this morning
To check on the state of the world,
I hoped to see that the turkey,
Was not all dry shrivelled and curled.

It peaked from its packet of foil,
Still juicy and raring to go
I shredded it into some sauce
With mushrooms and onions for show.

I took the spuds, carrots and peas
And slathered with butter and oil.
The brandy was down to the dregs,
I added and brought to the boil.

But what to do with the trifle
Still lush with custard and berry
Guess I shall just have to eat it
Topped with a schooner of sherry.

So if I sound a bit pickled
The leftovers carry the blame.
Since to throw good food in the bin
Would be a dire waste and a shame.

My waist has expanded to fit
All the goodies that have been served
But thankfully my beloved,
Likes his women rounded and curved!



Sally Cronin is the author of fifteen books including her memoir Size Matters: Especially when you weigh 330lb first published in 2001. This has been followed by another fourteen books both fiction and non-fiction including multi-genre collections of short stories and poetry.

Her latest release, Life is Like a Mosaic: Random fragments in harmony is a collection of 50 + images and poems on life, nature, love and a touch of humour.

As an author she understands how important it is to have support in marketing books and offers a number of FREE promotional opportunities in the Café and Bookstore on her blog and across her social media.

Her podcast shares book reviews and short stories Soundcloud Sally Cronin

After leading a nomadic existence exploring the world, she now lives with her husband on the coast of Southern Ireland enjoying the seasonal fluctuations in the temperature of the rain.


Buy Links - Amazon US -

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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Did You Know


Did you know, Thomas Jefferson was the driving force behind Congress founding the U.S Military Academy at West Point in 1802?

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It's Tuesday

 Greetings Blogger Buds. 

Can you believe it's almost autumn? Followed closely by Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yikes it's almost 2022.

I've been on a butterfly bush jag. This is a dwarf Miss Molly and should level out at four feet.

Interestingly when it arrived it was purple. And when it bloomed out, it went from purple to white. Now it's finally settled into its true color. I wonder if the different colors had anything to do with the shock of shipping then being planted in hot weather. Or maybe, like when we dye our hair, it just wanted a change.😀


The boy found this wandering in his backyard. Don't ya love turtles?

Well. I couldn't find any more of the pumpkin spice muffins, but I did find this. 


That's all I've got. Hope things are more exciting--in a good way--in your neck of the woods.

Friday, September 17, 2021



 Is Zenna a muse, a sleep-deprived apparition, or something much more sinister?

 Three foodie facts about Jo:

 She's British and she has amnesia, so she likes comfort food, food which subtly remind her of her childhood. I've provided links in case you have no idea what I'm talking about!

1. In the novel she makes her mother a cottage pie which she loves -

2. Jam roly-poly, a staple of school canteen meals -

3. She grew up on the coast, so crab is a firm favorite.


Excerpt from Small Forgotten Moments by Annalisa Crawford


This excerpt is taken from the middle of the book, when Jo’s dreams and hallucinations are becoming more severe.

 In the middle of the night, I’m wide awake. An owl hoots, foxes cry, something screeches further along the valley and makes me shudder.

I close my eyes and breathe deeply, evenly. Floating on the ocean, with Opera Pink mist swirling around me. To be more accurate, over the ocean—the mist holding me like a pair of hands. I drift to sleep, my lungs filling with crisp sea air.

Suddenly I’m thrashing against the waves. And Mum’s with me, both of us frantic, immersed by the tide. I struggle to keep above the water, stretching toward the surface, gasping for air. The hands which kept me up now push me down—pressing firmly on my shoulders to prevent me breaking free, easing me toward my death.

I call for Mum, desperately trying to find her in the black, churned-up water. My lips are moving, my words reverberating around my head. But I can’t hear my voice. In my head, I’m yelling, but the sound melts into the sea.

The hands loosen, and I wriggle away instinctively. I kick out and swim as fast as I can, swallowing water as I gasp with the exertion. I’m not moving. I’m stuck, tangled among the seaweed. Panicked and sinking as I flail. The hands are gone, but I’m going under.

At the very last moment, as I take my last gulp of air and expect to plummet to the ocean floor, all motion ceases. I’m in bed, flinching against the daylight; my arms are still trying to swim, my legs kick out. I’m bleary, as if I haven’t slept at all. The dream crumbles; pieces ebb away as I grapple for them.


You can read more about Small Forgotten Moments at or go direct to the publisher’s website for all purchase options


About Annalisa Crawford

Annalisa Crawford lives in Cornwall, UK, with a good supply of moorland and beaches to keep her inspired. She lives with her husband, two sons, and canine writing partner, Artoo. She is the author of four short story collections, and two novels.