Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day and Monster Kitty Tail

Monster Kitty Tail #5...(Or Whatever # We're On):
We had a tornado warning in our area last week and while I was busy herding the outside kitties inside, Franky was busy running out.  Sigh.

Friday, May 26, 2017

The Weekend Starts Now

And a shout out to:
Ro and Sojourner McConnell for the recent follow.
Y'all rock. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Us Against Them

I don't know what it's like at your household but here it's us against them, man against beast, survival of the get the drift. As previously mentioned, the cat and dog got so bad about getting in the cabinets, including the upper cabinets, we had to have someone come in and magnetize the doors.
The rebellion quelled....Until....
They turned to the pantry. But since we, of course, are smarter than mere animals--cough,cough, hack, hack,choke, choke--we started propping a heavy chair in front of the door.
Problem solved.
Unfortunately, the instigator A.K.A. Monster Kitty convinced the dog to move the chair for him so he could make a foray into the forbidden area where the food--human and animal--is stored.  Since the dog is a bit of a schmuck she fell in with the plan.  This happened several times, till we finally came to the realization there would have to be another outlay of cash to solve the problem. 
We had a dead bolt installed. Done and done. Until......
He turned his attention to my couch.
It's war.
You can see how much being in the Penalty Box bothers Monster Kitty.  He occasionally goes in it voluntarily to take a nap and it's where I frequently find  his ill gotten gains, er, treasurers.

What about your house? Are you dealing with uprisings in your household?


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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

I'm Back

The funeral is over.
He was a veteran, so he was given a soldier's send off. Have you ever seen the flag folding up close? It's like a choreographed dance.  A soldier is at each end of the flag. They look neither right, left nor at the flag but straight ahead at each other. One soldier folds: One fold. One step forward. Eyes never leaving the other soldier. Another fold. Another step. Gazes still locked. And so it continues until the flag is completely folded.  At that point, one of the soldiers gives it to the remaining spouse with words of appreciation.  It's a very moving ceremony.
It's never easy losing family, but it's a blessing knowing that he had a long life and lived each day to the fullest. Can't you just tell from the picture that he was a happy man?

This is my aunt, the sibs and myself.  My aunt is eighty-nine.  She was married to my uncle for sixty-six years.

Southern Illinois had a lot of flooding, mainly in the fields. We also encountered it on one of the roads we were on, but made it through

And there was a lot of rain on the way home.
My sis-in-law took this at sunset.  I thought it was a very striking photo.
And finally........Home

Monday, May 1, 2017


This little guy found a smorgasbord in the compost pile.
Happy First Birthday, Franky
Monster Kitty