Thursday, July 26, 2007

In Memory of Chuck

“Once you leave this holy place and return to the human’s earth, not only can we no longer protect you, you may never find her. And even if you do what are the odds she will know you?”
“I will know her,” the big cat said quietly. “That is all that matters.”

Greetings Friends,
I’m going to write a bit today about Shardai.
This book won’t be out until January. But the writing of it was a personal journey. My twelve year old white cat developed cancer and died last year. To those of you who are pet lovers and have lost a dear friend you’ll empathize. To those of you who aren’t you’ll probably shake your heads as you read this. After my cat died I wanted him back, desperately. Out of that desire sprang Shardai.
Shardai is the story of a cat that passed on to a better world, but can't stay because he knows his caregiver still grieves. It’s his journey back to find her.
Shardai will be released in January through WingsEpress, Inc.