Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Writerly Wednesday: Synonym Day

 Greetings Blogger Buds, It's Writerly Wednesday. What's your word for:


It's the last day of August! Can you believe it?

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Ketch-up Day


 Greetings Blogger Buds,

More rocks then back to our first day in DC.

The kids walk everywhere. Our feet are usually worn to nubs after spending a day with them:) This time we invested in walking shoes and held up much better:)

We started out at the Modern Art Museum. No surprise since they are both artists:)

I loved this one:)



Next week: The Natural History Museum.


Sunday: Two weeks now of Covid, though the tests at least aren't lighting up like the above ball when I take them.

Monday:  Woo Hoo. Covid free.

And speaking of tests. For US citizens, Friday is the last day to get your free tests through the government: 

Been to the Modern Art Museum? Taken a COVID test?

Friday, August 26, 2022

Your Weekend Read: GELLER'S FIND Cover and Dediction Reveal


It's cover and dedication reveal day for GELLER'S FIND. Every heard of a dedication reveal?

Me neither. But since not all of you read the genre I write in, I wanted you to know this dedication is for you.

Dedicated to

The Blogger Buds


One of the hardest questions to answer--for me--is where did the idea for this book come from. It just doesn't sound professional to say I plucked it out of the air:) But this book has an easy answer. 

In 2014 an 1873 Model Winchester was found leaning against a juniper in the Great Basin National Park in Nevada. Its story and how it got there a mystery. My brother was fascinated by the narrative and wanted me to write a story about it.  

What? Where would I even begin? But since I love my brother and he wanted the story I wrote it. Thank goodness once I got started, like other stories that I can lose myself in, it pretty much wrote itself.


It’s summer break and Dr. Luke Geller, history prof and part-time archeologist is in Nevada looking for potsherds. What he discovers is an antique rifle and a portal in time.

When Geller touches an ancient piece of chiastolite crystal, the earth rumbles, the skies darken and the ground opens. He’s hurled straight to the core of the earth then shot back up and spewed out.

When he stumbles to his feet, he finds himself where he began. Same yet different. There are no winding roads. No parking lots. No cars. No town with bright lights in the distance. Only Lily Winter Tremaine, an angry young woman pointing a gun at him, demanding he hand over her rifle.

All thoughts of primitive pottery disappear as Luke finds himself fighting alongside three young women trying to hold onto their ranch against a dangerous scoundrel who intends to have their property by whatever means possible. Then there’s the little matter of Luke being mightily attracted to the young woman he’s working for. A woman old enough to be his great-great granny. And Miss Lily Winter Tremaine does not figure into any of tenured professor Luke Geller’s lesson plans. 


Character Facts of Lily Winter Tremaine:

It’s 1882 and Lily Winter Tremaine runs the No Gold ranch, so named because her daddy had no luck prospecting.

She’s handy with a six-gun or a rifle.

She’s tough and can hold her own in a man’s world, but when it comes to anything or anyone in need, she’s a marshmallow.

She has a suitor that she can’t work up much interest in.


The stranger that she just brought home took one look at the date on her calendar and turned pasty. If he'd been wearing dentures, they would have dropped right out of his mouth.


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