Friday, January 14, 2022

This Weekend's Read: SANGUISUGE Book Five


Excerpt -“Young Jacob, sometimes forgiveness is for the best.”

Jacob turned toward Donall. “And sometimes, Lord Valsamis, enemies are dressed as allies.”

Donall glanced curiously at Jacob.

I sighed.

Donall laughed. “Speaking of stories… Did your sister tell you of her appetite?”

I chuckled, realizing Donall was trying to lighten the mood.

Jacob glanced at me curiously. “No, I haven’t heard this story.”

“She can out-feed a fledgling.”

Jacob was wide-eyed as he turned his attention to me.

I blushed as I nodded.

“You most certainly are not feeding enough if this is true.”

I chuckled. “I have drained a few pitchers.”

Jacob left abruptly and then returned holding a tray of five pitchers. Donall burst out into laughter.

Mom brought my plate and studied Jacob. “A little hungry, Jacob?”

I giggled.

“I was just going to challenge Trinity.”

“Oh, uh honey, I’m not sure that is a good idea.”


“Finn told me how Ethan tried the same thing.”

“Lord Valsamis just told me.”

“He told you that Trinity drank most of the seven pitchers that were set before her?”

Jacob shook his head. His expression was one of defeat. He took a pitcher and set it down on the table in front of him and then set the tray in front of me. Donall and Mom laughed.



Blurb- A feud that reaches its boiling point. A war that seems inevitable! Lurking behind the scenes, malicious plots are progressing unbeknownst to everyone!  Will Trinity be able to go against fate to prevent a pointless bloodbath and protect the lives of her family?


Trinity is one of very few characters that can both drink blood and eat food. (Mostly meats.)

Fledgling vampires require the most blood to survive, but Trinity has consumed more than one!

Donall once drained an entire herd of cattle!


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Sanguisuge Book 1

 Trinity is haunted by a dream. A dream that seems to hold the secret not only to who she is but to who she will become.

Sanguisuge Book 2

Dreams become reality. Secrets are brought to light. Trinity's life is changing. She questions who she is and what her purpose is. As her life changes, so do her dreams and her alliances. The only thing that seems sure is her bond with Ethan. But is this a bond that will do Trinity more harm than good?


Sanguisuge Book 3

Humans are being found drained of blood. As incriminating evidence mounts against Ethan's brother, can Ethan and Trinity prove his innocence, or will they find out he is responsible for the murders?

 Ethan is reunited with someone from his past that tests the bond between him and Trinity. Can their bond withstand the strain? What will happen to them if the distance becomes too great?


Sanguisuge Book 4

Clan law interferes in what should be a joyous time for Ethan and Trinity. Opinion differences make the family turn against one another as she tries desperately to hold them together. With time against them, they must make a major decision that could prove deadly.




Bio- Sharon is a multi-genre young adult author that dabbles in adult tales from time to time. As a defender of the defenseless, Sharon’s characters take on this persona with strong female leads and males that are protective, perfect, boyfriend material.


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