Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's That Time of Year

Flowers have begun to bloom. Trees are budding. Birds are looking for prospective partners to build nests and share parenting duties. And like the bears, it's the time of year legs and toenails come out of hibernation. Those of us, who fudge on shaving our legs in the winter now daily pick up the razor. 
Toenails go from au naturale to pretty in pink.
So what color or colors are you planning to wear?
It looks like the colors are ranging from neutral's to white's, yellow's blue's, green's, gray's and dark and vampy. Me, I'll probably just stay with pink.


  1. Nail polish colors are so pretty and vibrant. I'll have to see how they behave on paper. I hate the feeling of lacquer on my nails.

  2. Good morning, CJ! I love nail colors....I just hate dealing with the chipping.

  3. I've been wearing a coral-ish color over the winter, but it's time to find a new pink for spring. Great to meet you on Jennifer Shirk's blog.

  4. Hey Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by and the follow!
    Ooh, I love coral:)
    Again, good luck with the new release. Looks like a fun read.

    Thanks, vuhelp:) Appreciate it:)