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In Touch by Cd Brennan

In Touch by Cd Brennan

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Sexy. Passionate. Fierce.
Irish rugby star, Padraig O’Neale, has fecked up his life and is one angry man. When caught using a banned substance for his back pain, Padraig is excused from both his provincial club and the Irish International team. Right before World Cup selection. Out of choices, his agent convinces Padraig to play for a small American club in Michigan. Just until things settle down. But when Coach asks the team physical therapist, Gillian Sommersby, to help the newest Blues player with his issues, Padraig finds himself trying every wacky treatment out there from stinky salves to music to yoga. Like her therapies, the therapist herself is a bit…odd. The cute college grad in Converse and glasses doesn’t seem all that impressed with Padraig’s celebrity status, nor gives a shite about his excuses. As it turns out, she might be exactly what he needs…
She hadn’t heard Padraig approach, so when he sat down next to her on the top step, she jerked up to sitting, her hand stilling a heart that wanted to make a break out of the gates.
He wore his tracksuit pants and a T-shirt with bare feet and rumpled hair. “Are you okay?”
She brushed her face with the corner of the quilt. “Ah yeah, just couldn’t sleep. I didn’t mean to wake you.”
“You didn’t. I haven’t been sleeping well the last few nights, anyway.”
Their seclusion here in the woods, the surrounding darkness as black as ink, gave Gillian the courage to ask, “We’re probably not at the right time for each other, are we?”
“Honestly, I’m not sure, but you’ve done more for me in the time I’ve been here than anyone has in my life.”
“All that means is I’m a super-sap.”
He chuckled. “You’re one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met.”
“Oh shit, this sounds like the beginning of the talk.”
“What talk is that?”
“Don’t. You know what I mean.”
“You told me once you don’t like head games and I’m telling you honestly. You are better than any other woman I’ve met, and there have been loads.”
“That makes me feel a heap better. So it’s not just sex?”
“Fantastic sex.”
“Yes, fantastic sex, but you’re, you’re…a testosterone turd.”
“Wait a tick, that sounds naff.”
“It does, doesn’t it? Sorry, it’s what I used to call my brother and his friends.”
“I don’t get that about Americans. You guys categorize everything, put everyone in little boxes with labels, compartmentalize. We don’t really do that in Ireland. And Jaysus, we’re adults. Too old for that shite.”
“You’re so right.”
“And you’re just you, Gill, sexy as fuck, funny, smart. All the Blues think you’re class. You could have picked any of ’em. Why me? It’s not like I was much of a gentleman a few weeks ago.”
“It was the accent.”
“Thanks for being honest.”
She laughed, but it died at her next thought. “When are you leaving?”
“Honestly, I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything from my agent, and I haven’t a clue what else to do.”
“You could stay here.”
He turned, and even though the darkness cloaked his eyes, she had penetrated where she’d wanted the thought to go.
“I could.”
She had nothing further to say so she laid her head on his shoulder. “Are you cold? I’d offer to share, but I’m naked as a jaybird underneath.”
He wrapped his right arm around her and drew her close, both of them shuffling together in an awkward moment. “Nah, this is just a summer day in Ireland.”
“Do you miss it?”
“Not right now.”
“What about tomorrow?”
“Will you be here?”
She smiled, scuffing her foot across the worn step, pushing flecks of old paint over the edge. “I will.”
“Then I won’t miss it.”
His words warmed her through, and she bit her lip in happiness. She didn’t know what to say in return, so asked, “How are you feeling?”
He nodded, taking a small stone from the step and chucking it into the woods. “Anxious. Tense. I want the meds.”
“You will for a while, I hear. You might crave it for days, even months from now.”
“Will you be here?”
She wanted to laugh, but couldn’t. “I will.”
He kissed her on the head. “Hey, you’re not such a bad trumpet player.”
She laughed then. “Thanks.”
Author Bio
Having traveled and lived all over the world, Cd Brennan now enjoys reliving her glory days by writing about them. Feisty heroines with wanderlust or sexy rugby heroes who breathe passion for more than just the sport.
Aussie/Yankee twined, Cd is now settled in Michigan with a rugby player of her own and two wee sons who are still adapting to the snow. A full-time editor and mum, her and her hubby still dream of starting up a buffalo farm. And maybe some chickens and pigs, too. She loves rugby, traveling, and all things from the 80s.
Doesn’t watch TV so don’t chat to her about that, but she loves to hear from readers about anything else! Perhaps some cooking suggestions? She’s desperate in the kitchen! Find her on loads of your favorite places.

Instagram @cdbrennan_author
 Thanks for joining us today, Cd. We are wishing you much success with your exciting release.



  1. yes, who wouldn't wanna be in touch with him

    1. Indeed! Padraig is a hottie, and with that accent of his, hoowee! He makes me melt. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Congratulations cd. And yay for finding someone else who doesn't do the television thing...

    1. Thanks!!! I haven't had time for years with two little ones and working from home full-time, so when I try to watch it now, I'm like - all this is lame! LOL I'm much more amused in my own head. :-)

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    1. Thanks so much Alex! There isn't much time to celebrate as I'm already hooking into the next book, but I'm so excited it's out there! This one took me almost 2 years to see the release. Phew!

  4. She doesn't watch TV. I like her already.

    1. Yep, can't get into anything on telly, as Padraig says. I hear about all these good shows out there and I try, but nope, doesn't do it for me. Nights when the boys are asleep is my writing time anyhoo!

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    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I'm very proud of In Touch. But bigger and better things to come in the next book. :-) Always learning, always reaching.

  6. After reading this tantalizing excerpt I am inspired to start a Cd collection!

    Thank you, dear Sandra, and happy Thursday to you!

    1. Thanks Shady for popping in for my day with Sandra. I'd LOVE it if you started a Cd collection :-)

    2. And to you, Shady. You always brighten it up:)

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    1. Thanks so much Pat! I'm a one-woman show trying to get rugby out there to more people. It's such a frickin great sport!

  8. A huge thanks to Miss Sandra for hosting myself and IN TOUCH today. I'm reading her first book, Love, Lattes & Mutants at the moment and love it. Such talent she has!

  9. Congratulations, Cd! (I don't do the television thing, either. Too busy!)

    1. Yep, if anything has to go in our chaotic lives, it should be the telly!

  10. Congrats, Cd! In Touch sounds like a great book!

    1. Thanks so much Cherie! I'm pretty proud of it - took some serious work to get it out! :-)

  11. In Touch sounds awesome read. Congratulations on the release!

    1. Thanks Olivia! If you do end up scooping it up, I hope you enjoy!! Thanks for stopping by for my day with Sandra.

  12. Congrats to you CD! I TV..Oh well:)

    1. Thanks so much Birgit! You know, lots of my author friends find some of their greatest ideas watching telly! One day, I might have time for it, but I have two young boys and a hubby that works 2nd shift so it's not meant to be right now. Although I did make time to watch all the series of Downton Abbey a year ago! (I'm a historical fan)

  13. Congrats CD. I definitely want to be in Touch with him ;)