Monday, June 7, 2010

Who's Your Sexiest Cowboy

Who's your sexiest cowboy? For a chance to win a PDF of SILVERHILLS and a SILVERHILLS cap, just leave the name of your sexiest cowboy--he can be real, a book character or a movie or tv character--in the comment section at.
The contest ends June 19, 2010.
The winner will be announced at June 20th.


Brandon leaned forward, captured a stray curl that had fallen forward on her cheek and wrapped it around his finger, then rubbed his thumb against the silken texture. "I can’t take responsibility for your hound. The boys patched him up and brought him back to the ranch with them but as for your life…"
The timber of his voice dropped to a husky whisper that for some unfathomable reason gave Alexandria goose bumps. Glittering green eyes held her own. Her breath caught in her throat as he drew near.
His finger freed the imprisoned curl and touched her arm moving slowly down it. Brandon laughed softly in satisfaction as he felt the pulse at her wrist quicken.
"There’s an old Indian belief that when you save someone’s life it becomes your own. And as for repaying me," he continued in a silken voice, his face inches from her own, his hand moving to her madly pounding heart. "There are ways. Infinitely pleasurable ways," he murmured before his lips claimed hers.
Alexandria felt that her life, since she had ridden into his camp, had been building toward this one heart-stopping moment.
Not even Cody Morgan’s experienced kiss had the power to move her as this man was so effortlessly doing, drawing her down into a dark vortex of pleasure. A darkness from which there would be no return. For Alexandria knew instinctively if she let Brandon take what he wanted, she would never be the same again. Never again could she call her life her own. She would be bound to him as surely as if he’d chained her to his side, her need of him as great as her need for the very air she breathed. But her senses were reeling and she was powerless to stop him.


  1. Loved the boots and this book - no surprise it's award winning

  2. If I had to pic a sexy cowboy, I would say my husband, if I had to choose someone you might know it would be Tim McGraw...

  3. John Wayne still owns a little piece of my heart, even though he was old enough to be my grandfather. And Clint Eastwood...happy sigh. Great post idea!

  4. I think my all x favorite was Robert Redford in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

  5. Don't mean to suck up, but your Brandon get's my vote. That book, and that hero, changed my outlook on westerns and I've been reading more of them now because it was such an amazing book. Even if the final chap did make me cry.

  6. Great Post.

    Because I am old, sexy cowboy back in the day for me was Clint Walker as Cheyenne Bodie.
    Today it's Raylen Givins On JUSTIFIED. (Lord O Mercy).

    I am a historical western writer (which no one wants) but I gotta tell ya, I'd ride cowboy and save horse any day of the week.


  7. I remember Clint Walker. My mom had a 'thing' for him for years:)