Monday, March 7, 2011

Ceiling Fans How Exciting

We went out and bought a ceiling fan.
You're probably thinking so? Well, its not so much that we bought one as why we bought one. I was making the bed and the sucker fell on me. No not the bed, the ceiling fan. I managed to jump out of the way and just got a few scratches. Lucky, for me I was paying attention to business and not mulling over a story.
Well, that was my excitement for the week. I would rather be reporting that I won the lottery or was on the New York Times Best Seller list. Oh well, maybe next time.

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  1. Bloody hell! Are you alright? I've never heard of a ceiling fan dropping down like that....gosh, you have all the exciting things happen to you

  2. The sheet flipped against it as I was making the bed. Very weird as I've been making the bed under that fan for eleven years now. The hh is blaming it on my kick boxing:)

  3. NYT bestseller list would be good. Let me know when you make it!

  4. Holy Cow! I'm glad you're okay! Wow.

  5. Be assured, Ms. Julia, you'll definitely know. And I expect you to do the same:)

    Thanks, Anny. My stars were semi-aligned:)