Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Power Stones

Need a crystal reference? Power Stones has been re-released with Smashwords. Download cost: $2.99. Do you like the cover? I took a picture of some of my stones then turned it over to Bev Haynes to work her magic.

Our love affair with stones and crystals is deep and long abiding. We lust for them, we use them daily in our lives and often we turn to them for guidance and surcease.
Crystals have been used through the ages for all facets of life. In olden times, Britons wore agates to protect their skin. Frogs carved from amber were worn by the ancients for fertility. During the renaissance an amethyst was commonly engraved with a bear and worn as a protective amulet. Bloodstone was used in the distant past by Egyptians to break bonds and crumble stone walls. They used carnelian to dissipate hatred and ground malachite for eye shadow. Rubies were known as carbuncles in former times and were deemed the perfect gift for Buddha. Ground turquoise was used by the Navajo in sand paintings to attract rain. And the list goes on.
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  1. Ahhh...Okay; I'll tell my mom to stop wearing her tuquoise; we don't need any more rain:)

  2. Good to see that book is finally being properly published