Monday, March 25, 2013

Superman's Home Town...Really

It's Spring break and we're heading for Metropolis. Seriously.
I've mentioned Metropolis on this blog before, but in case you're a newbie and/or not familiar with the city, there really is a Metropolis and the town-folk take Superman quite seriously.
Metropolis is located in Southern Illinois on the Ohio River. The population is  5,550.  Hmm, not quite the thriving populace of the comic books and movies but still you can find things to do.
If you're an outdoor girl or guy, like bud Julia Barrett, Fort Massac sits on the Ohio River in a 1450 acre park. It was originally built by the French in 1757 during the French and Indian War  and called Fort De L’Ascension. Rebuilt in 1759 it was renamed Massiac. The name was anglicized to Massac. In 1794 President George Washington had the Fort Rebuilt. Today, besides touring the fort you can also picnic, camp, hike, boat and fish.
And for those looking for less strenuous occupations, there's also Harrah's. I believe the entertainment there is pretty self-explanatory.
And don't forget you can always go shopping for Superman paraphernalia and visit the Superman museum.  
We'll also be in Decatur, St.Louis and Riverton, IL. Ever heard of it?
Behave yourself while I'm gone. And if you can't behave, have fun. I intend to:)
I'm pre-posting blogs, may not have internet access while I'm gone.