Monday, August 11, 2014

I Am

While cleaning out boxes, I ran across a paper my son had written back in the day...and realized the man he has become still has the boy's values.

I Am

I am

Football, music and TV.

I like hanging out and times alone.

Honesty, humor, and loyalty are important to me.

I find satisfaction in trusting myself.

I can react rationally when I'm backed in a corner, but I can control my actions very well.

I love to sleep in on weekends.

I hate it when people don't think before they act.

I can be trusted by others.

This is me. I am!

Love ya, bud.


'The kids were all growing up so quickly. Thank God I, miraculously, wasn't aging with them.'
~WORST CASE by James Patterson & Michael Ledwidge