Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Back.....

So much to say so little time.
Oh my gosh, I need an exorcist, my head is still spinning. We finally got moved, though we were still driving back and forth with boxes at twelve thirty at night.We had to ask the movers to stop because it was pitch black, raining and the outside steps were slick. The hubby got so wet his feet were pruney;)
After the move, we put up a privacy fence for the hound and the outdoor cats. You're no doubt thinking cats could get out of a privacy fence and you're probably right. Because of this we added cat arms to the top of the fence. Every seen them? If any cat owners out there are interested, we ordered the extension from Here's what it looks like. We haven't let the cats out yet. Still cat proofing the yard.

While we were waiting on the cat extension to arrive the hh reinforced the bottom half of the screened in porch, figuring the hound would try to come through it. Unfortunately, he underestimated the mutt's tenacity. As you can see from the picture, he climbed over the reinforcement and broke through the top. Needless to say, he's crated until the hh gets the entire porch reinforced.

Before and after the move I was writing like a crazy woman, when I wasn't wringing my hands thinking it couldn't be done. I finally got the rewrite turned in--a few thousand words short of the original--and was ready to kick back and relax...right after I finished unloading boxes...when I got an email from my editor along with another edit. I've got back to backs coming out in August and September.  So while she's working on one set of edits, I'll be working on the other.

Got my award. Yay! Though, I'm not sure what box it's packed in.
 Last weekend we went to Williamsurg VA and hooked up with my daughter, her fiance and his family who are in from Minnesota. While there we celebrated the hh's birthday. What could be better than spending it with his baby girl?

We went to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte Saturday. Where you there? If not, you must have been the only person that wasn't. It was packed.
Whew. That's about it. So what's been going on while I've been gone? Please, catch me up.


  1. Welcome home! Congrats on the award

  2. Welcome back, wow, you've been busy. The cat fence is a great idea. Hopefully that will keep them in.

  3. The cat fence should keep them in because of the angle and that is a great idea! Your moved-you must be happy about that and unloading boxes. Your award looks perfect and congrats! I have not been nearly as busy. The Christmas decor looks wonderful but I do wish everything would start the beginning of December...oh well. Welcome back!

  4. You have been very busy, Sandra! I could use some of those cat arms.

  5. Welcome back and Happy New Home, to you both.

  6. Wow, Sandra. You've been doing and accomplishing so many great things while you were gone. And we missed you here! Dearly, I have!
    Your home looks beautiful and my, you really make a lot of sacrifices for your cats. Luna is doing well here. She lets me pick her up and always sleeps on me or massages my legs. She was hiding for a long time but several weeks ago, finally opened up=)
    Congratulations on your award!! I can't wait for your new releases next year!

  7. Thanks, Pat. I'll let you know how it works out.

  8. Hi Birgit, Thanks for the welcome back and the congrats. Yeah, I trust the cat arm works. Loved your Christmas cards, by the way.

  9. Hi Blue, good to hear from you. Yup, busy is the buzz word at the Cox household these days:)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Thank you, Happy. Appreciate that:)

  11. Looking forward to reading more about your new adventures.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  12. Hi Gina bud, Missed you all too. You haven't exactly been a slouch. #65 on Amazon. That's a big deal.And you are doing so well with Luna. I'm glad she ended up at your house:)
    Thanks so much.

  13. Yup, more to come, Happy:)
    And boogie, boogie to you too:)

  14. Cat arms are new to me, and they look brilliant. In the house before this one, we had a screened-in deck. The dogs wouldn't wait for us to let them out the door. They pushed on the screen, and out they went. In time, we had the bottom half of the screen turned into a wood enclosure.


  15. Hi Janie, I hear ya. Our error was just reinforcing the bottom half instead of the whole porch. When we're done, it'll probably look like a high security prison. grin.