Tuesday, November 2, 2021

It's Tuesday


New snacks.

Have you tried this one? I stumbled across it the other day. It's healthy and tasty.

 And this is an old favorite.

And speaking of snacks... The HH found a box of chocolates he'd ordered for me for Easter the other day:) Yeah, it happens:) They were from a candy shop out of state and were made in house and it was recommended that they be consumed in eight weeks of receiving the chocolates.  Obviously, long past:) Since they were individually wrapped, were chocolate, nuts and caramel, I figured I'd be safe. I opened one and took a bite.  It had an odd flavor to it so I put it back. I occasionally nibbled on the same piece for a couple of weeks. When I finished, I decided to try another only this time I looked it over very carefully....and found fuzzies on the back of it. Ack. Ack. Ack. I shouldn't have taken that caramel for granted AND have now learned my lesson  on expiration dates.😬

And on the writerly front. An unexpected response.

Here's my blurb: 

"Killing stains your soul. You may think you want to do this, but it's not something you'd wish to live with."

She shivered, then tossed her chin up. "What's your soul like?"

"Black as sin, ma'am. But I can live with it."

So as a reader do you see a problem here or have a problem with this blurb?

This is a response I received.

"'Black as sin. Are y'all still doing this BS (I abbreviated). Still equating Black with evil."

I didn't see that one coming.


And for a limited time:

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So what's your healthy snacks? Had any unexpected responses to something you've said or wrote?




Elephant's Child said...

Ouch on that response. They have a point, but that phrase has been part of our lives for so long we don't think about it. Which I suppose is just what they were objecting to.
Sigh on fuzzy chocolate. Not good.
I know Harvest Snaps, but the other is new to me.

Andrew said...

It has been said that North Americans don't understand irony but I am sure many do, however I must say the few people I have had take irony wrong have been North Americans. To me it is crystal clear that I am saying something with irony and when I back read it is clear, and others see it as such, but there will be the odd person who doesn't

Valerie-Jael said...

Snacks are good, but fuzzy chocolates, oh no! That was a crass response. I wished a lady 'good morning' when I was passing her on my morning walk. She asked very frostily, 'Do we know each other?' My answer - 'Thanks God, no!' Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

Hot guys said...

Yummy snacks, Sandra! 😉

Really hope it's a great month for all of us! 👏🏻

Christine said...

Sorry about that feedback on your blurb it makes one think. I would have tried that snack myself.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like both the snacks, but obviously NOT the chocolates. Too bad they went past their consume by date. I wish I could find those snacks here. They look really interesting.

It is a sad day when we must equate everything bad to a word or phrase. I can remember when my grandmother used the word gay, which in her day meant happy.

CJ Kennedy said...

I never thought of chocolates going bad. On the other hand, chocolate doesn't stay on the shelf here long enough to go bad.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Sandra - gosh that was a mistake in not guzzling them at the time!!
Re the blurb - I have to say I didn't give it a thought ... but understand we need to be far more considered now-a-days ... cheers and enjoy those snacks ... Hilary

D.L. Finn said...

Happy November! Ick on fuzzy chocolates, I didn't know they went bad either.sorry sbout the blurb. I know we have to rethink a lot of things, and there are much nicer ways of saying things, sorry how about dark as a starless night?

ashok said...

Have a great November

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I think people are looking to be offended. You're too nice a lady to give it a moment's worry. Sending a hug.

Definitely stay away from fuzzy chocolate. :D

da tabbies o trout towne said...

frankie; we get thiz.... ALL DE TIME:

your speech... & spelling.... gives me a head ache and a pain in my ass

;) ☺☺

Teresa Isabel Silva said...

Great Post!

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Sandra Cox said...

When I think of black as sin, I think of the absence of light. It's subjective for sure.
No not good on fuzzy chocolate:(
The skinny dipped almonds are quite tasty:)
Hope you and Jazz are well.

Lowcarb team member said...

Where did the months of January to October go?

Have a happy November.
My good wishes.

All the best Jan

Sandra Cox said...

Ick indeed.
That's an option for sure.

Jeanie said...

Happy November! Snacks? Unfortunately, most I love aren't all that happy. Surprise feedback? Yes, as a matter of fact, I did! I wrote a short comment to a New York Times question to readers and it was published. That would have been more than enough and I didn't tell anyone except Rick about it. But the best part was that I heard feedback from a friend in England who saw it online, the wife of my up-north neighbor Jim, who saw it in Detroit, a former boss who saw it from Massachusetts and a couple of others!

Sandra Cox said...

Love it. Wish I could think that quickly on my feet:)

J.P. Alexander said...

Te un genial mes te mando un beso

Sandra Cox said...

Yes, we do have the occasional odd person here:)
YOU take special care.

Sandra Cox said...

I do too, HG:)

Sandra Cox said...

Thanks, Elizabeth:) Appreciate ya.

Sandra Cox said...

And to you, Ashok:)

Sandra Cox said...


Sandra Cox said...

Thank you, Teresa.

Sandra Cox said...

Can you believe it's November already?

Sandra Cox said...

Very cool about the NY Times response:)

Sandra Cox said...


Birgit said...

That response you got is just...stupid. They are, once again, looking to be offended and not thinking that black is a colour as well. This saying is aged old and not meant as this person took it. People need to chill. As for eating what you ate...yuck!!