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The Time Traveler’s Children

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The Time Traveler's Children: and Keith, Judy, Judy, Tipton, Rhonda: 9798417905469: Books

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For teens of all ages, a time travel adventure story that spans the galaxy.

Kindle Unlimited is free, and a paperback version is available.

If you enjoy this story, please check out ‘More Time.’  



How can you sidestep the end of the world?
Mom’s a time-traveler, and you were born inside the time stream with the ability to see the future and travel through time within your lifespan.
Armageddon is staring you in the face. The human race is facing extinction, and options are limited.
What would you do?

The three brothers propose different solutions and go their own way.
What if they need each other to save humanity?

Excerpt from The Time Traveler’s Children

Hi, my name’s Kyle Brixton. My mom, Sophie, is a time traveler, and guess what? She decided to travel through time while pregnant with me. To give her credit, she didn’t do it on purpose and hadn’t known she was expecting. However, it resulted in me going from an embryo to ready-to-be-born inside the time stream. To me, the process took seconds, actually a couple of minutes of my personal time, but nine months of real time elapsed. It resulted in me being born with old memories, and the ability to see my entire life as a road with multiple junctions and major intersections.

I can choose when I want to live, except I was scared by what I saw. Humanity was heading for disaster. It didn’t matter what time junction I tried—the result didn’t change. Two pandemics, followed by the Land Wars would whittle the worldwide population down from multiple billions to just a few million. Life would be tough for my generation and even tougher for the next. Humanity was doomed, there weren’t enough survivors to maintain critical mass. Slowly but surely, each bastion of civilized life would succumb to food shortages and mutations—then, a strange thing happened, the junctions started to move.


I discovered it was Mom.

She tried her best, but what can one person achieve in a single lifetime? Not much, but she got on her spinning bike, slash time-machine, and peddled back in time for another attempt. She was relentless, and like a spider didn’t give up. Her web would break, but she struggled on, endeavoring again and again against formidable odds. A little push here, an insertion of funding there, always using future knowledge to mankind’s advantage.

Persistence won. She often thought an older-version of herself was coming back in time to leave hints. That was only partially true. Most times, I was the change agent. With my help, Mom threaded the needle through two pandemics, discovering cures and vaccines with the effective result of limiting the outbreaks to specific geographic areas and downgrading them to epidemics. Only I understand the heartache she endured in saving billions of lives only to see them die in the following Land Wars.

Global warming was awful, setting community against community and highlighting humanity’s appetite for self-destruction. Over a third of the planet’s habitable land became unlivable, creating food shortages and a mass migration to higher ground. Sadly, the people living there fought to protect the little they had.

I remember all the timelines Mom created. Don’t know how, just do. You’d think your brain would overload, but it doesn’t. She worked wonders and frequently used her time-machine to rewrite recent history. I studied and learned from all those possibilities to such an extent that it’s easy to get lost and not realize which is the one you’re currently living inside. A time traveler’s curse, is life an alternate memory or reality?


Kyle moved to live in the past...rediscovers reading as there is no texting, only real conversation.

Kyle also has the ability to relive the happy moments...why would you live in the present?

He longs to be surprised and will do almost anything to get it. 

 About the authors

Judy and Keith have been married for over forty-seven years. They’re semiretired and live in the South Bay, Los Angeles. Both were born and raised in England in the early fifties and relocated to Los Angeles in the late eighties.

They have two sons and two grandsons.

You can contact the authors on Facebook at or Twitter @JudyandKeith  

Our inspiration comes from family. We have published several illustrated collections of short-stories for children ages five to twelve, including Quests and Adventures, Bedtime Stories, and the Wicked Witch Anthology.
Our grandchildren are now older, so our most current releases are for teens of all ages.

Three fun-quirky facts

We’re only two years away from our golden wedding anniversary…plus we went to the same school from age eleven, where Judy beat Keith in a music competition!

We write together, but Keith also writes adult stories under a different penname.

We love to dance especially Lindy Hop.





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A very happy birthday to Staci. I hope it was wonderful.
And thank you for alerting me to that book. It sounds wonderful.

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Sounds like a book I would enjoy! Happy Birthday staci! Hugs, Valerie

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This book really is the sign of the times. These 2 are true soul mates to have met so young and are still together. Belated Happy Birthday to Staci.

Jeanie said...

Three cheers and congratulations! It sounds like a wonderful book.

D.L. Finn said...

Congrats on the new release! Time Travelers Childern sounds like a fun read. Happy belated BDay, Staci xo

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Now that is an intriguing twist on time traveling, Sandra! I hope that Judy and Keith's book does well. Happy creating in April!

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It does sound good, doesn't it, EC?

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Let's hear it for soulmates.

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Judy and Keith do a great job on YAs, as do you:)

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I'll be doing some reading always...and I'll be doing some drawing/sketching.

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Parece una buena novela. Te mando un beso.

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It sounds like a fun read. I love the concept of time travel.

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Ooh--what a great tease. I love time travel stories. I'll be checking this one out. Best wishes on the new release.

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This sounds fascinating! I am so happy to hear about it. My best friend loves time travel books and I can't wait to share this one with her. :)

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Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I'm late visiting. Been offline, but not by choice. Loved reading about both the authors and the book. I am a big fan of time travel, too, so this might be one to look for.

Happy belated birthday to Staci. I hope it was as colorful as that cake.

Neurotic Workaholic said...

What an interesting story! I think it would be cool to be able to see into the future; it could save us all from a lot of heartbreak and mistakes.

Sandra Cox said...

You can't beat a good time travel:)
I like the colorful birthday wishes:)
Hope all is well at your place. Were you having internet problems?

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Innit the truth.