Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Parody and

(A Parody)
A Tale of Good Versus Evil
by M.Cox

The day was young and bright
As I rode forth on my faithful white steed,
Along the Broad east-west road
Seeking to learn the news of the realm.
It was then I received an urgent message
Which turned the day to perilous night
And my strong heart to frozen stone.
Verily, I turned my gallant stead about
And, with great haste returned to my keep.

There I found my Lady quivering with fear:
“A great evil is upon us,” she cried.
“It shatter the peace and threatens
To rain destruction upon us!”
She beckoned me to the rear of our fortress
Where I spied at last the evil that had brought
Her to such despair.

Once more the master of the darkness had
Turned his countenance upon us in the
Form of a great black serpent.  Thus he intended to invade
Our hearth and turn our lives to mayhem.  He, as yet, had not
Made his full presence known to us as he lay
Half hidden in a secure place unapproachable
By any form of defensive maneuver on my part.

I returned to my chambers to plot what strategies
I may employ to bring the great beast to confrontation
When my thoughts were shattered by my Lady’s cries,
“He arises, he arises,” cried she.  Thus, I hurried back
To find the cruel serpent fully out and intent upon the attack.
In haste I armed myself with a great and noble sword procured
For me by my Lady.  I then donned sturdy gauntlets and, thus armed,
I strode forth intent on defeating this horror and surrender my life
If such was the cost of defending my lady and my keep.

I spied the great black beast before me attempting to gain entrance
While keeping himself free from my assault.  Yet he was not fully positioned
And a full third of him was still exposed.  Thus I grasped him in my willing hands,
And so the great struggle began.  Pull as I might, at first he held fast,
But soon my strength of will overcame his power to resist me.
I pulled him forth, and mighty was the struggle as he twisted
And strained against my force.  His hideous jaws sprang open,
And had I not anticipated his maneuver, might have found a home
In my flesh, yet did I forthwith position one fist behind his mighty jaws
And thus I subdued him to my will.  “Slay him not kind Sir”
Cried my tender-hearted lady, “for he is but a servant of the dark lord
And cannot, himself, be held fully accountable.  Rather take him from
Our presence and cast him out in the wilds where he may trouble us no more.”

I bowed to my Lady’s wishes and secured a tight hold on my squirming
Foe and carried him forth from our lands.  His great anger turned to
Submission as he release a foul stench upon me.  Yet, steadfastly did
I remove him far from our lands to a great wilderness where I drew upon
All my strength to hurl him far from my sight and into the unknown.
I returned to my keep to a great celebration and kindly did
My Lady praise my deeds and courage.  Later, I resolved that
On the morrow I would travel forth to the Kingdom of Lowes.
There I may procure a warding talisman and make safe my
Lands and keep.  Thus ended yet one more battle
On the field of good and evil.

 Yes, I found a snake on the awning of the house and totally freaked.


  1. I would definitely have freaked louder and longer - great post! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Brilliant.
    In one of our homes a red-bellied black snake (venomous) made his home under the front steps. For about nine months of the year I only used the back door. I don't do snakes well.

  3. Verily, I do not blame thee. I would dance a jig when such a foul creature is espied.

    1. Yes indeed. I guess hopping up and down and trying not to shriek is pretty close to a jig. grin.

  4. This is excellent reading Sandra. Loved every word.

  5. They can startle you if they catch you off guard. I came close to a rattler this week.

    1. I'm afraid my heart would have stopped if I encountered a rattler. Shudder.

  6. All that from finding a snake - brilliant!
    We've found them in our garage before. I catch and release.

    1. Good for you, Alex---as long as they aren't released in my vicinity:)

  7. And they say Australia is a dangerous place.

    1. I'm afraid we're pretty much getting that reputation.

  8. I hate snakes. They're one creature I abhor!

    But I do love A Parody.

  9. Water Moccasins stink. I too grabbed a six foot long King snake that had just swallowed my baby goose and pulled and pulled as it escaped through a hole in the barn. I swung him around my head yelling then threw him to the ground and chopped his head off. Believe it or not I pondered whether to get my baby goose out as maybe I could save it. I wouldn't usually kill anything, but it ate my new baby goose. I was pretty shocked.

    1. I'm so sorry, about your baby goose,Donna:(
      You were a great protector.

  10. Thankfully none here are bad one bit. But who knew a snake could spawn a hit!

    1. Glad you don't have any nasty ones there, Pat.
      Spawn a hit. Ha!

  11. Replies
    1. :) The HH managed to turn the situation into a saga:)

  12. a standin ovationz frum uz all heer in de land oh trout.. a paws a paws a paws !!! best snakez storee....ever !! ☺☺☺☺☺

    we iz out til monday; sew heerz two a blueline tilefish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. The HH thanks you, tabbies:)
      Hope your weekend is filled with catnip:)

  13. Being caught up in the tale, your conclusion completely caught me off guard!

    1. I'll take that as a compliment to the HH's tale telling abilities:) Thanks, Susan.

  14. I have handled snakes in an educational setting. But let me encounter one and I squeal. lol, good writing. I enjoyed it.

    1. Not even in an educational setting would I handle a snake.... So kudos to you, Ann.
      And thanks for the kind comment on the HH's writing.

  15. I almost stepped on a snake just outside the front door. I don't venture out there anymore! Flowers need water, wait for the rain. :)
    I don't do snakes well either. 2 July 4th's ago a six foot black snake crawled out from under the chair I'd been sitting in for an hour. Talk about freaked! Then we found the skin of one in our basement laundry room. Laundry room is now on the first floor. ((Shivers))

    1. Eeek!
      Unfortunately, the skin in the basement laundry room sounds toooooo familiar.

  16. Wow, brilliant! Great post!! All this from a snake!!!