Monday, December 17, 2007

How I Survived 8 Hrs. Of Christmas Shopping

How I survived eight hours of Christmas shopping:

1. A breakfast burrito at McDonalds minus the sausage.
2. A stop at Starbucks for the Christmas blend coffee and a cranberry bar
3. A break and a strawberry-banana smoothie
4. A respite at Panera Bread and a bagel and tea.

Oh yes, and then I treated myself to a Josh Groban CD.


  1. "A breakfast burrito at McDonalds" - seriously? You people eat that stuff?

  2. Okay you're right. The burrito wasn't everything I'd hoped for:)
    And what's your breakfast of choice, Ms. Amarinda.

  3. Mangoes, hmm. Sounds decadent. Just what you'd expect a romance writer to eat.

  4. So Panera's is good. And which Joshie babe did you get?

  5. Got Closer. Wouldn't mind having his Christmas Album. Wow.