Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Jo Bu and excerpt

Jo Bu took his annual trip to the groomers.

Isn't he just the cutest thing? I love his lion cut. The hh unfortunately doesn't share my opinion. He think's Jo looks just plain weird.

Jo Bu hates getting his fur clipped. He literally goes around co
mplaining for a couple of weeks then it must grow out enough to satisfy him and he settles down.

The hh got the pleasure of taking him in. heh heh. He said all the cats took one look at the carrier, with that 'hope its not me' look
on their face and bolted in different directions.

The annual grooming is a necessary evil. Jo's indoor/outdoor and every cocklebur, leaf and weed seem to jump on him when he walks by. So every spring we take him in and get hi
m shaved down. Not only does it avoid matting but its also nice and cool for him.

Come fall, he'll have his full coat back just in time for winter. And before you know it we'll be starting the whole process over again.

Excerpt from Black Opal
Release Day: Thursday

“I want you like I want no other woman.”

Adam Morelly’s eyes looked deep into hers. She threw back her head drowning in their gold-flecked depths. His mouth drew closer. Her gaze flickered over it, her own lips parted. His breath smelled like fresh peppermint. His lips were on the thin side, chiseled like a finely sculpted statue, delicious and oh so kissable.

His hot gaze shifted from her mouth and traveled over her. Wherever his glance touched it scorched her. She’d swear her clothes would melt right off.

His warm hands rested on her shoulders.

“Darling,” she breathed.

The grip tightened and she was shaken. “Wake up, sugar.”

She blinked. Her erotic dream disintegrated like molecules exploding in the atmosphere. Yawning so wide it felt like her jaws would split, she sat up, the sheet falling to her waist.

Bella laughed. “Who would have thought such a proper little thing sleeps in the nude?”


Unknown said...

Beautiful cat. I didn't know that cats got groomed that way.

There's room in my mailbox again. I joined a new paranormal group yesterday that's only open on Mondays and boy, was it active. So resend your interview.

Sandra Cox said...

Yup, long haired kitties get lion cuts:)

Unknown said...

Is it just me or has that cat got a pissed off look on it's face? Probably doesn't like to have it's picture taken

Shelley Munro said...

I didn't know cats were groomed like that either. He looks rather dashing with his smart cut.

Sandra, I just read your bio. I think we're twins :) Vegetarian, animal lover, ex-admin assistant and now full time writer. Pretty close ;)

Sandra Cox said...

Amarinda, He always looks p.o.'d but he's so nonagressive its pathetic. He falls asleep over his water dish.

Shelley, Cool!I'll be glad when I'm writing full time too, twin. How long has it been since you quit your day job?

Phoenix said...

LOLOLOL!!! Oh my gosh he looks TICKED. I think you'd better check your bed before you go to sleep tonight.

Molly Daniels said...

Poor Jo Bu! He looks like he's saying, 'just wait until you're asleep!'

Sandra Cox said...

Molly and Kelly, I think he looks cute:) Hes probably thinking this is an exceptionally bad hair day:)