Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking for Jimmy Stewart

Keep a lookout, while I run down to the bookstore and pick up that new book.

Please welcome a dear friend of mine, Jeane Daly. Jeane’s first book, LOOKING FOR JIMMY STEWART has just been released. Since I was one of her critique partners, I know it’s a good one.

Welcome, Jeane. Tell us about your new release.

My heroine, Andi Temperly, has everything she ever wanted: the perfect job, a loving fiance, and loyal friends-until misfortune rips it all away. Andi has little choice but to give up her life in New York and head back home tothe small town of Fairport where she struggles to get her life back on track.

What will I as a reader like best about your hero?

My choice of hero came about after reading Jimmy Stewart's biography. My hero had to have character traits my heroine desired in a man and Jimmy Stewart's personality exemplified all of these traits: kind, loving, compassionate, and the list goes on.

How will women identify with your heroine?

Beiing out of work is a huge issue with a lot of women trying to get back into the work force and finding their skills are lacking or out of date, they're too old, not computer savvy, or whatever the problem is. Cheating boyfriends, broken engagements, dating services, that special friend who is there for you when you need her, are all rolled up in Looking for Jimmy Stewart.

Is your muse currently sitting on your shoulder or is she illusive?

LOL. She's been illusive for sometime now.

Who is your favorite author?


What’s your preference, doing dishes by hand for a week or writing a synopsis?

I'd have to say doing dishes by hand for the rest of my life.

Now that your first book is under your belt, what are you working on?

I have a few ideas spinning around in my head yet not sure.

We look forward to the next one. Thanks for joining us, Jeane.

An excerpt of Jimmy is below. To purchase go to

Jack flattened his hands on the wall, one on each side of her head, leaned in and smiled down at her. "This may sound strange, but the last part of this evening was the most enjoyable." His mouth soft and warm, caught hers in an all too brief sweet kiss. Nothing passionate about it, but it reached every part of her body like an explosion.
Swimming through a haze of of feelings and mixed emotions, she pushed him away.
"Why did you do that?" She struggled to catch her breath.
"I hadn't planned on kissing you. It just happened." He turned and opened the door.
She thought of Kimmie. "Let's pretend it never happened, okay? I just want us to be friends, nothing more."
"Friends it is. And I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable."
She smiled, hoping she made herself clear. "Have a nice flight."

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