Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Trouble with Genies

Have you ever noticed on a Make a Wish list nothing is ever clear cut? Somehow the wishes go awry. You wish for a new home. Poof, you've got a million dollar mansion but can't afford the taxes. You wish for a Jaguar. Poof, you get this sexy car, then you get grounded or lose your license and can't drive it. You wish to be the prettiest girl at the promo. Poof, you're beautiful, but your date bales and you have to go alone.
I think genies one and all are believers in the adage 'nothings free' and 'you can't get something for nothing'. Just because they have to grant wishes doesn't mean they have to like it. And since they don't like it, they include nasty little codicils. And when you think about it, who’d want to be someone’s beck and call genie and have their own wishes completely disregarded.
I believe when the genie explained to Gillian's great, great, great grams that a) she would be stuck in a marble statue from dawn to dusk. b) As soon as she had her first girl child she would die and her daughter would inherit the wish spell that he either muttered it under his breath where she couldn't hear or the poor thing was so caught up in the fantasy of unimaginable wealth and beauty she totally ignored the warning. Personally, I think he whispered. Whatever the reason, Gillian--through no fault of her own--got the short end of the stick. But you play the hand you’re dealt.
So what's your thoughts? Why aren't the wishes genies grant straightforward and simple?
Gillian’s best friend is a cat, that’s also caught up in her wish spell. If you’re in touch with your feline side and like to help your four legged friends, there is a rescue group devoted solely to blind kitties. If you’d like more info on a very worthwhile cause visit their site at Kudos to this group.
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  1. I must find a couple of hours to sit and read this book. I love the premise

  2. I need to read this book too. It sounds great. I think you're right, Sandra. It's the thing about being careful what you wish for.