Monday, August 23, 2010

You and Your Cat Contest

You and Your Cat Contest

For a chance to win a PDF of Shardai for you and some catnip for your cat just leave a comment at The drawing runs through August 28 and the winner will be announced August 29.


The council of cats sat in a round circle. There were nine, representative of a cat’s nine lives. They wore gossamer robes and the table at which they sat floated in misty clouds, the sun occasionally peeping through to warm their silken fur. In front of them, a magnificent white cat with glowing green eyes stalked back and forth.

He rose on his hind legs and placed his paws upon his sleek thighbones. “I must go back. She weeps so.”

The elder, a dignified Abyssinian named Ramses, gave a weary sigh. “We have been through this, Shardai. You spent twelve years with her this time and seven before that. Do you forget she had you killed?”


  1. :-) This sounds intriguing. I love cats so thoroughly enjoyed this.

  2. Hey Sherry! Thanks!
    I'm looking forward to The Brat.