Sunday, October 31, 2010

Schedule on Halloween

Today I'm at Hywela Lyn's Halloween Blog. If you have an opportunity stop by. Its all kinds of fun. (Julia Barrett, I'll be looking for you:)

What are you doing for fun on Samhain? We went into the mountains last night to look for the mysterious Brown Mountain lights. We didn't see them but the sky was so beautiful it took my breath away...or maybe that was from the elevation. Anyway it was amazing. Have you ever heard of the Brown Mountain lights? They are a phenomena. Lights appear on the horizon and travel into the sky, some describe them as orbs, some say they come in colors. No one has yet figured out where they come from or what causes them. Anyway, enjoy your Hallow's Eve.

Don't forget the great blogs at: Amarinda Jones, Anny Cook, Julia Barrett and Molly Daniels.


Unknown said...

They sound like the min-min lights in the desert

Hywela Lyn said...

Thank you for allowing me to be one of the hosts on your blog tour, I hope the tour was a great success and that you picked up some new readers from it.

The Brown Mountain lights sounds so intriguing and beautiful, I'd love to be able to see them!

Sandra Cox said...

Hey Amarinda, Not familiar with the min min lights. Sounds intriguing though.

Lyn, Thanks again for hosting. Love your blog!