Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

The lovely and talented Anny Cook bequeathed me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you, Ms. Anny:)

To receive the award I must link back to the giver, Ms. Anny Cook.

And then tell seven things about myself.

I'm supposed to tell you seven secrets about myself, but if I told you they wouldn't be secrets any longer, but I will share seven pieces of info. about myself.

1. I would love to go to Seattle.
2. I was a huge fan of Remington Steele.
3. I'm a vegetarian but don't care for tomatoes, okra or mushrooms.
4. I met Anny Cook, Cindy Spencer Pape and Regina Carlysle at Romanticon this year.
5. I take Kickboxing lessons.
6. My birthday cake was a triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing topped with coconut.
7. I'm a Capricorn.

And lastly I get to nominate other bloggers for the honor.
They are...drumroll...please....
Linda Rettstatt
Regina Carlysle
an honorary to Amarinda Jones. Why honorary? Because Amarinda hates this sort of thing and since its honorary, Amarinda you don't have to do anything.


  1. Kicking boxing? How good is that? Yes, correct. I hate stuff like this - besides I have no secrets...

  2. I'm enjoying the kickboxing thing.

  3. Sandra, I received the Stylish Blogger Award this morning from Linda Rettstatt. I've been twice to Seattle. Run don't walk! And if you need tips on planning your trip, I'll be happy to advise. I too was a "Steele" fan and Stephanie Zimbalist autographed a photo for me. And I'm a Capricorn. My revamped writers blog is Kept by Cats...Writer Interrupted at http://keptbycats.blogspot.com.

  4. Kimberley, Sounds like sisters under the skin:)