Monday, June 25, 2012

New Visitors and Contest Extension

More visitors. The smaller picture looks like a baby. Look how fuzzy he/she is. I think it may be a Gypsy Moth. Trivia on gypsy moths: the females don't fly. Life's just not fair. Can you imagine having wings and not being able to fly?

Does anyone know who the guy at the top is?
Due to some confusion on the ending date of the contest at some of the blog stops its been extended until June 30th.


The beast stepped out of the water and shook itself. It looked at the dark house set atop the
craggy cliff and sniffed. The strong scent of Minder and magic filled its nostrils.


Jennifer Shirk said...

Wings yet can't fly? What a tease. LOL

Sandra Cox said...

Its just not fair.

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Nice pictures! I do like moths.

Marian Lanouette said...

It's amazing when the bloom into butterflies

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Julia and Marian,
It amazes me, the variety we get here. With his fuzzy appearance and markings, the little guy reminds me of a guinea pig:)