Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Animal Charities

In case you donate  to animal charities, I'm passing on information that was sent out on a rescue loop .

The Humane Society of the United States does not run any shelters for companion animals.
HSUS 2010 Annual Income: $148Million 
The ASPCA (New York City) runs one single animal shelter in New York City.. In 2010 they adopted out 3389 animals there.ASPCA  2010 Annual Income:  $133Million
PETA runs a single facility in VA that they call an animal shelter but has no living areas or holding wards. It's an office building with a walk-in freezer. In 2010 they killed 93.8% of animals they took in - 2200 animals.PeTa 2010 Annual Income: $35Million


  1. We give to our local non-kill shelter. The number of abandoned animals hurts my heart.

  2. Good for you, Ms. Julia.
    Mine too:(