Thursday, December 27, 2012

Best Christmas Ever

How was your Christmas? Hope it was the best Christmas ever. For those of you who were dealing with sickness and loss of family members, I hope 2013 brings you peace and lessening of pain.
Ours was, as always, fun. The baby girl and her significant other came in from Philly. Baby boy and wifey were in and so was one of my bro's and his wife. I received Christmas calls and texts which are always fun and heart warming. Shhhh, still trying to figure out a couple of texters. One I think must have been generic sent out from a professional's office.  No, not that kind of professional:) Maybe a doctor's or some such.  The other was most definitely a bud. 
Santa managed to find the only pre-pod Espresso machine still for sale. sigh. But the blame lies fully with Mrs. Claus. After all these years, she knows about imparting detailed information.
As is our habit we went to the theater in the afternoon.  The hubby wanted to see The Hobbit, which I'm boycotting because of all the animals that died in the making of it. So half went to see The Hobbit and half Monsters Inc.  From there we came back and grazed on leftovers from the wonderful meal my daughter and her significant other prepared. We had to-furky for the vegetarians and braised chicken for the carnivores and all kinds of wonderful sides: asparagus, braised veggies, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mushroom soup, cranberries, rolls, dipping bread and coconut cake.  I see an extra five pounds in my future.
Let me know how your Christmas day was spent. Hope it was wondrous.
How about these elves, huh?

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