Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meet The Family Blog Hop

My husband and I grew up in Illinois. For many years, he worked in manufacturing, which took us all over the Midwest. But no matter whether we were in Indiana, Ohio or Wisconsin, at Christmas, we always went back to Illinois--or tried to--to be with family. One year we'd made it through Wisconsin, got to northern Illinois and found the roads closed so we had to go back. Another year, we came in from North Carolina and had to leave before the Christmas festivities were over because a blizzard was coming in. We made it out of Illinois but the blizzard caught up with us in Kentucky.  It took awhile but we made it safely back to NC.
Both of our parents have since passed on, so we don't make it in every year anymore.  But I have many fond memories. As the song says...there's no place like home for the holidays.


Unknown said...

I've made that holiday trip from NC to Missouri many a year. The mountains of Tennessee are beautiful. Now I live in Minnesota and find home in a completely different way. Happy holidays and happy hop.

Sandra Cox said...

Hi Sherry, You're right, the mountains are beautiful. Did you have any problems adjusting to the cold after living in NC?

Terri Giuliano Long said...

There truly is no place like home! Thank you for taking part in the hop, Sandra!

My best,

Julia Rachel Barrett said...

Hey, interesting concept!