Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Sex and Socks

Okay, I know its not a sexy topic but how do you keep your socks' drawer under control? Its a scientific fact that socks multiple like rabbits. And the litter contains multiple types: winter socks, summer socks, work socks, sentimental socks, sleep socks, knee highs and the prerequisite pantyhose. God forbid you get rid of a pair of seldom-used socks, because the minute you do, you're going to need them.
We have a favorite brand of socks in our family that have been christened the better-than-sex socks because they feel sooo good on your feet. Though, the family members with raging testosterone and estrogen call them the almost-good-as-sex socks. But I digress. I just went through my drawer on a throw away mission and decided I could part with four pair. One pair I know has been in the drawer for fifteen years. Seriously, fifteen years.
What about you? Is your socks' drawer under control or are those pesky pieces of cotton procreating?


  1. I corral socks with a drawer divider. looks like this: http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=998&cm_ven=RKG_GoogleBase&cm_cat=OSA_Non-Brand&cm_pla=GoogleBase&cm_ite=GoogleBase&orderType=2&utm_source=RKG_GoogleProducts&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=product&utm_term=GoogleBase

    I think I bought it at Target.

  2. I can't say my socks procreate. But they do run off occassionally! Maybe they just like to procreate privately?

    It'd be nice if they multiplied on their own. Sure would save me some $$!

  3. I have the opposite issue. I lose socks. In the washer or the dryer. Always missing socks.

  4. Ha, Stacy. Socks running away is as bad as socks procreating in the sock drawer.

  5. I need some of your socks. Honestly, socks in our house go AWOL. Not in pairs, but singly, only to turn up months later in the oddest places. Our socks are wanderers!