Monday, October 14, 2013

Showers, Planes and Monday's Joke

Good Monday to you. Did you have an extraordinary weekend?
The babies made a haul at the shower. They've got things out there now for little ones that I'd never even thought about. I had planned on being practical and getting a Target gift card to help offset the cost of diapers, then I saw the rocking-horse chair and couldn't pass it up. Of course, they only had one, but we have a kid's rocking chair from back in the day when the 'boy and girl' were little so they'll have two rocking chairs.
The best part of the sister flew in from St. Louis, she arrived at 12:30 p.m. for a 2:00 p.m. shower and caught the 7:00 a.m. flight out the next morning. Which meant we all had to haul butt out of bed at 4:45 a.m. But it was really nice of her to come in.
Joke for the day.(Thanks, Rye.) This one's for Crystal Collier:

Which cheese isn't yours?
Nacho Cheese:)
Release date at Amazon and Barnes and Noble: November 19, 2013

He stood at the foot of my bed, dark and brooding. This time his eyes didn’t glow crimson. They were a stormy grey that drew me in like the crash of tidal waves. “What are you doing here?” I asked in my dream.

“Checking to see if you’re all right.”  His voice floated like soft velvet in my head. I watched his mouth. His teeth were strong and white but I saw no fangs.
“I have no idea.” He frowned.
“Who are you?” I stared fascinated.
“Just call me your guardian angel.”
“More like guardian demon.” I plucked at my sheet.
He laughed. The sound of bells wound through my head. “Isn’t that an oxymoron?”
“Normally, but I don’t think so in your case.  Am I dreaming?”
“Yes, Suzanne. Sleep now.”
“I am tired,” I agreed and closed my eyes.


  1. That rocking chair is adorable! I'm glad you had a fun time.

  2. The rocking chair is too cute.And when I see all the things and gadgets available to new parents nowadays, I wonder how did we manage to raise children before this?

  3. Thanks, Shelley. Hope you had a great weekend.

  4. such a lovely rocking chair. Horses my fave toys when I was a baby....

  5. Me too, Dez. Loved them growing up.

  6. How fun, Sandra! Glad your sister could make it.

  7. Hi Ms. Julia, It was fun. Hope your day is going well.

  8. They have all sorts of wonderful baby things now. Love the rocking horse. I got my great niece one for her birthday, though hers was pink.

  9. That is a really need chair, great pick

  10. Yay! Cheese just for me! =)

    I love the excerpt, and what a great rocking chair. My kids would fight over that thing given half a chance. =)

  11. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for stopping by and the follow. Oooh, a pink rocking horse. Love it.

  12. Thanks, Pat. I don't know how practical it is, but it's awfully cute:)
    Also thanks for the mention in the rhyme. Loved it!

  13. Hey Crystal, yup cause you're special:)Yes, having one instead of two is dicey....

  14. When my babies were babies, this stuff didn't exist. Now that I have grandchildren, this stuff is already bought by the parents. I'm so out of baby-land. But, glad you had fun at the shower.

    The excerpt was intriguing. Thanks for sharing.


  15. Hi Donna, thanks for stopping by, the nice comment, and the follow. You're sure right about this stuff not existing when our kids were little. I'm not sure I'd know what to do with half of it:)