Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mother's Day Contest

This contest is for all the moms out there and will be running through Mother's Day. The giveaway: a copy of Akasha--a book about a little calico cat who is the quintessential mother--and a multi-colored ceramic paws bracelet. To enter: just go to PAGES on the right, click on contest and enter the rafflecopter.
Short Excerpt:
Akasha raised her pretty calico head and sniffed the air. Something about the brooding stillness didn’t feel right. There was too much electricity in the heavy atmosphere. The cat peeped out the cubby hole in the boathouse, where she made her home, and looked at a sky turned black with storm clouds. The waves of the lake lifted and hit against the shore with a sharp slap that made her flinch. Thunder rumbled. In the distance, a bolt of lightning cut through the dark and hurled a sizzling blaze of light to the ground.
“Mamma, I’m scared.” A tiny replica of herself, down to the gold spot on her chin and black splotch on her right shoulder, peeped at her from the top of an old wooden fishing boat that rested upright on a flat webbing rack supported by eye-hooks.
“Don’t worry, Cairo. Mamma’s here. Mamma will take care of you.” Akasha purred. Her first litter and she was so proud. She’d never known kittens that were as smart or as cute as her little five-week old darlings. She’d had no idea how it would feel to be a mom. That nothing in the world would ever matter as much as these three balls of fluff. She would lay down her life to keep them safe.

And for the non-moms:)
On the same page is a goodreads giveaway of Akasha.  


  1. Sounds like the purrfect mom indeed

  2. I'm pretty sure my Momma would do the exact same thing.

  3. Sounds like you've got a great Momma, Blue.