Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fascinating Facts About Seahorses

While working on my current WIP I realized I needed to do some research on seahorses. In the process I found them to be fascinating, unique, little creatures. The main thing that sets them apart from us is: it's the male that gives birth. Sweet.

Seahorses eat about forty times a day. Forty time a day! And I've never seen a fat seahorse.

They mate for life. These guys take their vows very seriously.

They change colors regularly. No standard uniform for a seahorse. They like a wide selection to their wardrobe.

Seahorses have excellent eyesight. No cataracts or contacts for these babies.

During courtship they hold tails as they swim side by side. Is that not special? They also dance during courtship. I love to dance.

Dad can have anywhere from 5 to 2500 small fry. And, they really are called fry.

Instead of arm wrestling, male seahorses tail wrestle.

And even though they are considered fish, they're bad swimmers.  Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.

Maybe in my next cycle of life, I should come back as a seahorse. What about you, if you had to pick a creature to come back as, what would it be?


  1. I love sea horses. When we visited Hawaii we stopped at a sea horse farm where they breed them because they're becoming so rare in the wild. Just the cutest things!

  2. I adore sea horses. Could stare at them for hours. :-D

  3. Damn have to tail wrestle a lot to work off eating 40 times a day

  4. This is such charming information about sea horses. I have always thought they were so cute. Now I see they are enlightened as well. :-)

    If I came back in a future life as an animal, I think it would be as a sea otter. They have such soulful eyes and are so playful.

  5. Cool facts about seahorses. If I came back as an animal, I'd like to be a cat with a good family. Eat, sleep, play a little, sleep some more, and someone would clean up my...after me.

  6. What delightful little creatures=) And they eat 40 times a day! Seriously, where do they put it?
    I think my favorite thing about them is learning the male gives birth. How fascinating!
    I love when we do research for our WIPs and find out the most interesting things. Who needs school when we have our WIPs!

  7. The seahorse is so unique. I'm quite a fan.

  8. Hi Shelley, Hawaii and seahorses. Sounds like a wonderful Va-Ca.

  9. LOL, Pat. Maybe that's there secret.

  10. Hi Dez! Yeah they are, aren't they?

  11. Hi Elizabeth, Oh yeah. Sea otters are definitely wonderful little creatures.

  12. Hey CJ, I'm with you. And yeah, it would have to be a good home. The flip side of the coin would be unbearable.
    With my luck, I'd come back as a dog and get swatted with a newspaper.

  13. Hey Julia dear, You're right, unique is a good description for them.

  14. Hi Gina:) How are you?
    Yes, I agree. I like the childbirth thing.
    We do come across 'novel' (heh heh) information in our research don't we?