Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Mish Mash at Sandra's

Doing another Mish Mash. If anyone wants to grab the Mish Mash pic for their blog, help yourself.

I am so glad I am no longer dealing with that stomach bug. Knocked me on my butt.On the up side it certainly cut the grocery bill in half since neither the hh or I was inclined to buy much food. grin.

Lo these many seasons I've been getting the flu shot... I thought it was for stomach flu. I had no idea it was only for upper respiratory.  Yikes. Did you know that? 

This is for the 'I don't really care' appraisers out there. grin. Most of them are great. But there are a few.....
Two years ago we had to get an appraisal to refinance. After the appraisal and the refinance we redid floors, added a half bath, added a closet, new roof, new appliances in the kitchen, etc. So I wasn't concerned about this appraisal, figuring it should come back higher. Silly me. It came back fifteen thousand lower than the appraisal prior to remodeling and lower than the contracted selling price. Luckily, we've got a good agent. She went back to the lender and asked for a redo, pointing out what she felt was inconsistencies and low and behold, this time the appraisal came through at nine thousand higher. It was still lower than the appraisal prior to the remodel but higher than the selling price.  It's a head shaker.

We have emergency phone alerts where I work, used for fire alarms,  lock downs, weather etc. They happen to sound a lot like the amber alerts--which by the way are wonderful things. boss's cell had an amber alert bleep. I went racing for our office phone thinking we had an emergency message, before she pointed out it was her cell. At the same time the hh was teaching class when a student's cell bleeped the amber alert. The hh hustled the whole class outside thinking it was a fire alarm. grin.

The bro sent me this one.
Have a pleasant and productive Monday, blogster buds.


  1. Sorry to hear about your appraisal woes. I hope you can miraculously regain what you put into your home. Miracles do happen!
    I'm glad your feeling better. I hate having stomach bugs.
    Your photo about the clowns reminded me of American Horror Story's Freak Show last week. That clown scares the hell out of me! And when he killed the girl's boyfriend with the pins he was juggling... whew! I almost shut the tv off! I hate clowns. Always did, ever since I was a toddler. I remember my mom surprising me around the age of three with a bedroom decorated with clowns. I screamed so loud that she took down the clown d├ęcor that very same day, lol. I think I now have an idea for one of my upcoming Halloween blog posts... wink wink

  2. lol the juggler is the way to go. Glad the nasty bug is long gone.

  3. Glad that bug is gone and love that clown pun:) Why do they have the cell phones ring like that? I heard one that sounded like a bomb was ready to hit. So no more clowning around, I better get Thanksgiving turkey ready

  4. Sorry about the appraisal problems. Sounds like a combination of a bad initial appraisal and the quirks of the housing market. We are going to go through the refi-home improvement process soon too.

    Sorry also about the flu bug. I did not know it doesn't protect you against stomach flue. With the exception of one year I have been opting not to get the flu shot because the one year I got it I became sicker than I have ever been and the sickness started within 15 minutes of getting the shot. Everyone tells me it was a coincidence because there is no possible way you can get the flu from the shot. Nevertheless, I have been opting out every year for the last 10 or so and have remained reasonably healthy. Not that everyone should opt out. I would just rather not....

  5. Hi Gina, A lot of people are afraid of clowns.
    The appraisal came up enough that we're okay. The market is just pretty repressed in our neck of the woods. Appreciate all your good thoughts.
    I'll be on the look out for your Halloween blog;)

  6. I had the stomach bug last year. Worst pain I've been in. First time I had one so I guess it hit me hardest.

  7. Birgit, no clowning around, heh heh. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner.

  8. Hi Carol, Sorry you had such problems with your flu shot. I wouldn't have gotten anymore after that either.

    Good luck with the refi.

    Take care.

  9. Hope your Monday has been a good one, Spooky. Yup, yikes pretty much sums it up:)

  10. Hi Adam, You have my profound sympathy. Its nasty.

  11. I don't know what I thought the flu shot was for, thanks for pointing out it's just for respiratory flu. I do get the shot annually.

  12. Glad you are done with the stomach bug. I didn't know that about the flu shot!
    Thanks for the information. :)