Tuesday, December 11, 2018


The HH decided the Charlie Brown tree needed some cardinals.
AND speaking of the HH....As everyone knows gun violence has reached epic proportions in the U.S. One that recently made the national news hit too close too home. It took place where a relative, who is dear to us, works. Sadly, she knew one of the people that was murdered. In response he wrote this:
In the early spring, behind the shadow
Of children who have ventured out
Among apple blossoms
To find a new definition of laughter,
Comes a trigger.

Deep in the grassy clearing
 where two lovers
Have lost all sense of separation
From the gentle wind that enfolds them,
Comes a powder flash.

In a quiet café, interwoven
With the gentle conversation of two friends who,
In their open honesty,
Have only a trifling need for words to convey thoughts,
Comes the tearing of souls.

And in the ensuing wreckage we are left
Searching for reassurance
That what we once had,
We can have again,
Ending the horror,

Silencing the desperate lamentation. 
                                                                           Michael Cox
On a lighter note:

This is sooo cute:

Thanks, Rye.

These pictures were taken Sunday morning.  One foot here. Two in the mountains. 500 accidents across the state.


  1. We are in hot and sticky mode and I envy your snow. And your cardinals.
    My heart goes out to everyone impacted by violence. All violence. Our government has issues, but I am very, very grateful for stringent gun control.

    1. I wish the U.S. was half as smart about gun control as Australia.

  2. A truly wonderful post Sandra, violence is an awful thing and I feel for anone affected by the outcome of violence.

    Loved the pics and video lightened my start of another day.
    You have a good day.

    1. Isn't that little donkey just a darling?
      Glad you liked the post.
      YOU have a good day too, Yvonne.

  3. So sucks that the nra has the politicians in their pocket and nothing ever gets done.

    Cardinals are a nice touch. Blah, you can keep all that white stuff.

    1. Sucks big time.
      Heh. Are you sure you don't want the white stuff?

  4. The loss of someone close always hurts, and my prayers go out to the family. I saw on the news that things were definitely snowy in your area, but I can't help loving the beautiful pictures. In our neck of the woods, just 1 inch, but schools closed down. I had my cheeseburgers, books and Netflix On Call, and of course I squeezed in my 15 minutes(lol) Be safe and hugs to you and the family! RO

    1. Sounds like you were all set:)
      Hugs received and returned.

  5. Sad she knew one of those killed.
    We got a dusting but nothing like what you got.

    1. It was indeed sad.
      12" of snow was certainly an eye opener;)

  6. The cardinals on your tree are so sweet. A very poignant poem. I think near or far from these incidents, they touch all of us.We heard on the news last night about your snowfall! Your yard looks like my yard in the dead of Winter. Be safe out there!

    1. I hate to think what they will look like when it is the dead of winter;)
      Thanks, CJ:)

  7. I love the cardinals in the tree...so pretty. So you got hit by the ton Of snow...please be safe but enjoy the Christmas look...hope you have snow tires. The poem your hubby created is beautiful and so sad. The NRA has too much power in your country and the laws must change. It won’t take guns away but it will limit the amount plus who needs all these guns and other weapons. I hope your relative is ok because this can stay with them and hurt their psyche. I hope they do not have ptsd and have sought help, I love the donkey and so happy this donkey found the right parents to take him in.

    1. It stuns me how much sway the NRA has in this country. I wish we were half as smart about gun ownership as most other countries. It's totally out of control here.
      I thought the HH did a wonderful job on the poem too.
      Wasn't that donkey the sweetest thing?
      YOU have a great one.

  8. We got hit pretty hard on Sunday by the snow.

  9. The cardinals look lovely on the tree.

    The poem is very powerful. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    The donkey is too cute for cute! Can't take it!

    Wow- that is a lot of snow for you. 500 accidents- yikes. Hope it melts and the roads are safe again. :)

  10. Got more coming here Thursday. Love the verse, a gun never solves a problem unless it stops someone who devalues life and kills with reckless abandon.Love works the best, but we often forget how well it can work.

  11. This poem is so powerful. Thank you for sharing. And sad about the incident.

  12. Excellent poem, many thanks for sharing it here.

    All the best Jan

  13. That is a beautiful poem, very moving, so sad to hear of the terrible news.

  14. Very touching beautifully written poem. So much tragedy in our world.
    Thank you for the adorable video to watch. That little donkey/dog is precious and so funny :)

    Hugs 🎄🎅🎁

    1. Thank you, Jan. I thought so too.
      That little donkey is a doll baby isn't he?
      Hugs received and returned.

  15. It's a nice piece of writing without being mawkish. That Is serious snow you have there. The donkey was a nice story. Interesting that his 'mother' said that he was easier to house train than a dog.

    1. Thank you. I thought he captured the situation well.
      Yup, serious snow. They got 34" in the mountains.
      I thought the fact that the donkey was easier to house train than the dog was fascinating too!

  16. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your relative's friend. Very sad indeed -- and the poem is perfection.

    I wondered how much snow you were getting there. I know Sugar Mountain, where Rick's dad is, always gets a lot, being a mile high (they're at the top) but I wasn't sure about below. Yikes! More than we've had all year. But never fear, there is no climate change! So they say...

  17. The cardinals look beautiful on the tree!
    The poem is very powerful! Thank you for sharing it Sandra! My heart goes out to everyone!
    I love that donkey! I want that donkey!!
    Wow, that is alot of snow! I hope everyone is ok!
    Big Hugs!