Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Friday's Good Read...Whoops It's Wednesday

Today's my cover release so I'm borrowing the Wacky Writerly Wednesday slot.

A modern day, shape-shifting sheriff.

He’s the sheriff of a sparsely populated county in Montana. His blood brother and childhood best friend is Chief of Police on the Blackfoot Reservation, but they no longer speak. His deputy is a Southern transplant with the body of a high-priced call girl, a voice of honey and a mouth of a trucker. And if that’s not enough, he’s got a secret that would stun those that know him best. Other than that, it’s business as usual for Sheriff Mateo Grey.


Preorder Link:

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  1. Sounds like another great book! Have a wonderful day, hugs, Valerie

  2. You have ANOTHER book out - colour me awed.
    And send me an email.
    This is another book I WANT.

    1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you:)
      I'll shoot you an email:)

  3. Seems like it's another good one, Sandra.

    Love the last GIF you shared, btw! :)

  4. That's sounds like it will be a good read. Thanks, Sandra. :)

  5. That sure is an awesome cover indeed.

  6. Ooh, the shapeshifting aspect is so fascinating. Congrats on the upcoming release! ^_^

  7. This sounds like this will be really good with such creative characters! Hugs, RO

  8. I am impressed that you are so prolific. I've been working on the same thing for three years!

  9. Thanks for those kind words, Jamie. Much appreciated.

  10. Love the cover reveal and it sounds like a fun book to read. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful gal with a truckers mouth a la Carole Lombard

  11. This sounds so cool!! You are amazing girl!! When is it being released? Is it only on kindle? I'm going to put it on my blog. Big Hugs!


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