Thursday, July 1, 2010

Shame, Shame

I don't often blog-vent, but I'm going to today.
Most of my adult life, I've considered myself an Independent. If I felt the republicans had the best candidate, that's who I voted for. If the democrats, I voted democratic. But the chasm between republicans and democrats has gotten so wide its almost impossible to bridge.
How can any compassionate American vote against extending unemployment when a million of our own are without jobs? Is it because they have jobs of their own and have so far distanced themselves from those who can no longer pay their bills, they no longer empathize? They say they don't want to leave more debt for our children, but how about worrying about feeding those same children and keeping a roof over their heads.
Yes, millions of dollars have been wasted.
It infuriates me that my hard-earned tax dollars have been squandered on bonuses for fat cat CEOs that helped put us in the mess we are in. But I hardly see that as an excuse for not taking care of the hard working Americans that faithfully pay their taxes and have lost their jobs through no fault of their own.
Let's forget party lines and try to remember we're all Americans.


  1. Hear Hear!!

    My hubby is one whose benefits has been lost. It's a shame when it takes three people working to replace his unemployment...and that's only IF the third member gains employment in the next week...

    How DARE Congress take a freaking vacation while lives hang in the balance? Couldn't they have passed the extension before enjoying themselves? Oh wait...(head slap) they don't care about that!

  2. There is a reason third party movements have been stronger in the last 20-25 years than ever before. The two in charge just don't get it. It's all rhetoric and no real action.

  3. Funny you should mention that. We were just talking about that at dinner tonight and wondering if a 3rd party would come out stronger in the next election.