Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Balancing Act

What's your secret? For those of you who hold down two jobs--i.e.--authors that have a day job, how do you write and keep your house clean? Since we've been getting our house ready to put on the market, I haven't written in a month. My schedule prior to HGOM: I worked my day job, came home, fed the critters, grabbed something to eat, then headed for the mole hole where I write. On Sundays, I'd make a brief swath through my house with mop and dust cloth as time permitted. But in depth cleaning...nah.

Now I'm ready to start writing again, but since we'll be showing the house that means cleaning has to stay a priority. sigh. Where's a maid when you need one?:)

So, folks how do you do it? How do you juggle those balls? If you have any good suggestions, please share.


  1. I don't juggle well. Something has to give and it's usually the house. I give all the rooms the once over every day, that's about as much as I can manage. Besides, housework is not my forte. When you have animals, it's all about the animal hair!

  2. Yes, please, please! I need to know too. I hear you on trying to figure out the balancing act.

  3. I just put one foot in front of the other and it seems to work...kinds...sorta

  4. Julia, Once over every day...that's good.
    Writing Nut, my fantasy...having someone clean the house twice a month (besides me, ha)
    Amarinda, I've yet to find anything you can't do.