Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Member of the Family

Since the house has been on and off the market we had decided not to add any more pets to the herd, err family, until after the house sold and we relocated. Then when Maggie passed and it was so difficult on the hubby we decided, okay we'll get another dog after the remodeling is done--which we haven't started because we're waiting for our loan to be approved, but that's another story. I dropped off Cat to get his shots yesterday and Ms. E took me to the back to show me our latest rescues in the dog world. Guess who ended up coming home with us? Penny is a year and a half, part lab and the hh and I think part greyhound. Look at those forelegs. She certainly has the body and the head shape. Her tail, over a foot long, should be registered as a lethal weapon.  So far she's torn up the cat bed, freaked out the cats and gotten in the trash. She's also figured out how to open the  back door. We have a fenced in backyard that I want her to get comfortable with so we can leave her out when we take day trips. I put her outside yesterday and the next thing I knew she'd opened the doors and was back in the house. We apparently have a penchant for cat/dog burglars since Cat made a escape at the vet's yesterday too.
Cat's feral and I should have never done a drop off but stayed with him for his shots. He totally freaked.  When I went to pick him up, he and his carrier were in one of the cages and I was told I'd have to get him back in myself. Which I did. The vet came to the front and asked if I'd put him in his carrier and I said yes. After he repeated this a couple of times, I went and checked. He'd made a breakout.  The clasp must not have been completely closed. He'd gotten out and climbed onto the top shelf of the kennel run. The vet got the ladder out and I climbed up to get him back in the carrier. The day was very traumatic for poor Cat and to add insult to injury we brought a dog home. His world still hasn't righted.
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  1. Ah... you are so sweet! What a cutie pie! I'd guess there's some Walker in the dog too. If she's a good jumper, you have a part Coonhound. Deadly tails!

  2. Yeah, I think you're right on the hound. I thought Walker was a horse, of course, she's about that size:)

  3. Oh dear. As if poor Cat wasn't traumatized enough. Some dogs are just scary smart. Hope you figure out a solution with the doors soon.

  4. We're gettng there. Thanks, Gemini:)