Sunday, May 27, 2012


Mahonia is a member of the evergreen family and has leathery leaves that resemble holly leaves. Its blue berries are edible but tart. The bark is gray-brown and the shrub can grow to ten feet tall.

I had never seen Mahonia until I moved to North Carolina where its very prevalent. It was love at first sight.
I also was enamored of the plant's name. Mahonia. Isn't it a great word?
Author Amarinda Jones has incorporated 'pukeable' into her Amarandisms.
I've incorporated Mahonia, as a Sandraism. My former sister-in-law and I used it as a greeting instead of hello.
What wordism have you made your own?


I poured thick warm syrup over my pancakes.
I took a mouthful, chewed, swallowed, then closed my eyes and purred in delight. My eyes flew open. I really did purr.


  1. I don't have one. I need to adopt me, I think. I watch a UK reality show and they're always saying jel for jealous or Raheem (a made up word) to mean good or excellent.

  2. That plant is so cool. And you can eat the berries, eh? I love the name! It would be a wonderful name for a character...