Monday, May 14, 2012

Scoundrel's Match

 The dark time once resided in Kalas. Now, dawn had begun. An infamous womanizer, Richard Bradley had never wanted to tie himself in a serious relationship. Until he was caught in embarrassing circumstances by her. Marguerite Bennett learned her lesson of lover-boy from her ex. Their fates were now crossed and danger from dark time also followed them. Could true love triumph intact?
 Marguerite went around the counter and sat across from him. “So how did you come here?”
 He seemed relieved that she broke the silence. “For vacation.”
 “Oh, for how long?”
 “A month.”
 “I heard about how Brig and Dave got out. I mean, isn’t there a funeral at Kalas?”
 “Yes, but the old king was not my family so I don’t have to be there for the whole month.”
 “A whole month for one funeral?”
 “Two exactly but they were royal so Gille wanted a proper ceremony.”
 “It must be hard for Gille.”
 “Not really. They’re not like real father and son.”
 Marge didn’t want to get personal. She changed the topic. “Have you been here before?’
 “No, this is the first time.”
 “What do you think of here?”
 “It’s beautiful and peaceful.”
 “Where did you go?”
 “Uhm, I haven’t traveled much.”
 No doubt, you were busy looking for women. He averted his eyes. What else to ask him? What did people talk about when they first met?
 She smelled like citrus, fresh and relaxing. Richard felt himself stirred. No, he had to control himself; he was in a towel for God’s sake. She seemed to run out of topic. Well, now was his turn to ask about her. “So, how long do you know Brigitte?”
 “Since middle school. She, Natalie, Alex and I were in the same class.”
 “You must be very close to keep a fantastic friendship like that.”
 “We get along great. We have kinda similar background.”
 “Family matter.” She said vaguely.
 Clue for him not to ask any further. “So, you’re the manager here?”
 “Yes, I like working in a hotel.”
 “I like working in traveling field. You know, like guiding tourists or working for traveling company. But I don’t like to move around too much, so I work in hotel. It’s good; it’s what I want to do.”
 “That’s good. A lot of people get the wrong job; they don’t enjoy their job but they have to, you’re one of the lucky ones.”
 “But you changed your job, right?”
 “Yes. I’m sure it’s much better, way better than a prison guard.”
 “That was how you met Brig.” Marge giggled.
 “Yes, who know my job could help sometime. And it was all in the plan.”
 “And you really enjoyed that plan.” A male voice chimed in. They both turned to see Dave and Brig hand in hand walked in. Dave held up a bag, indicating clothes.
 “Uhm, let go to my room, Dave.” Richard pointed upstairs.
 “So, lover boy, where are all your clothes?” David laughed low in his throat.
 “Shut up! Just an accident!” Rick snapped. Dave was going to tell Gille, and Rick would never hear the end of this.
 They got in Rick’s room. Rick took out the clothes. A gray sweat pants and a pink T-shirt. “A pink T-shirt?” Rick scolded.
 “You didn’t give us time to go shopping.” Dave shrugged innocently.
 “And you just had in your closet a pink T-shirt? How convenient! You’re sure Brig weren’t mistaken you for a girl?”
 “She bought it for Valentine. If you don’t like it, just go bare ass!”
 “Valentine is months away. You guys are running out of romantic ideas!” Rick complained but put on the clothes. Even he looked girly; he figured it was still better than going bare.
 Dave laughed out loud. “Man, you need to let me take a picture. You look gorgeous!”
 “Shut up! This is your pink shirt!” The man just needed to get back at him.
 “You can keep it. I hope Brig has a camera with her.”
 Rick reached under his bed to retrieve his sword. He had to resist the urge to strike the laughing man. Dave raised an eyebrow. “You bring a sword to worship woman? Nice, no wonder she stole all your stuffs.”
 “Just in case. What if something happens in Kalas, I can come back with my sword ready.” He stomped out of the hotel room.
 “Yeah, I can’t wait to see you holding the sword in a towel.” He laughed like a maniac.
 “Cut it out, man. It’s not that funny.” Rick irritated.
 “That’s because you didn’t look in the mirror.”
 And he was not going to. The pink T-shirt was stupid, a tight one was worse.
 Hello, I’m Betty Petite. I’m not a writer; I’m only a voice-person for the characters in the Door of Dimensions series.
 I was born and raised outside of the United States; hence, English is my second language. My personal life is just like any other busy ordinary woman. I have a job and school load to advance my education. Neither English nor writing is my major; science is. I have never thought that I would write a story. The series came as a surprise and I knew I would regret if I didn’t write them down. Hence, my style of story-telling involves a lot of dialogues and characters’ interactions.
 The characters came to me and befriended me during hardship. They gave me laughter, hope and a little joyful escape from painful reality. I hope they can do the same for you. Happy reading!

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